Microsoft officials have described Socl as a kind of mash-up of social-networking and search that is designed to get the learning communities to start thinking about how to use collaboration technologies in new ways. And according to the Softies and contrary to popular rumors, Socl is not an attempt to take on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler or Pinterest.

I don’t get it.

  • mvcmendes

    If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

  • “Buzzwords, buzzwords, buzzwords, buzzwords!”

    – Ballmer, at a recent meeting

  • That’s ok, Jim, Microsoft doesn’t “get it” either.

  • lucascott

    I get it. What I don’t get is how it is different from search, Facebook,Pinterest etc despite them saying it is. If anything it seems like it is exactly all of them (or trying to be)

    • Doctorossi

      How it’s different is that it’s redundant because all of those already exist and are popular.

  • chjode

    I like the name: “sock-ull.” It just rolls off the tongue.