iTunes 11 and Notification Center

Pavan Rajam wrote an interesting piece wondering why iTunes 11 doesn’t take advantage of Mountain Lion’s notification center.

  • rj

    Presumably because iTunes 11 also has to run on Windows and older versions of OS X?

    • lucascott

      My thought exactly. Consistent experience and no having to rewrite/update several versions. This ain’t Android after all

  • gjgustav

    Because the mini player is not a notification. None of his suggestions make any sense. If he wants to save screen space, hide iTunes altogether and use the F-leys to control it, or get a third party menu extra.

    I don’t need notifications that a song is changing, because I can hear it change. I can look at my iDevice to see if it is finished synchronizing, and billing comes in an email where I get a notification anyway.

    He seems to be confusing Notification Center with the Windows Vista sidebar. No, thank you.

  • bazoom

    how about notification when a movie downloads (after 15 minutes). that would be nice, wouldn’t it.