BlackBerry catches fire injures boy

Kian McCreath, 11, suffered burns to his leg after the Curve 9320 caught fire and set his mattress and duvet alight in the room he shares with Mason, 13.

  • “Sweet Jesus, what else can happen to RIM. Seriously.” Well…

  • Red

    Anyone know if it was an original or third party battery?

    • lucascott

      Valid question. When the iPhone started smoking on the plane in Austraila it turned out the owners had the battery replaced on the cheap and the person misplaced a screw under the battery, piercing it.

      How do we know this shop didn’t do something similar

  • Is your need to rub RIM’s nose in it really this grim?

  • RIM should love that, they haven’t had a hot product in years!

  • Ron from HRM

    Would be nice if the writer added that RIM wanted to investigate and asked to inspect the phone, battery and charger. The family says they can’t locate the pieces. Really?? I smell scam.