A Scot talks about scotch

What’s more meta than a Scot talking about Scotch? Christopher Phin, editor of Tap! magazine (dedicated to iPhone and iPad, published in the UK by Future) and friend of The Loop has launched his first independent podcast, entitled, simply, Scotch.

Phin notes up front that he’s not an expert on whiskey, but he really, really loves it. In the first episode, Phin takes on the Yamazaki 12 year, a Japanese single malt. He also explains the difference between spellings of whiskey (whiskey vs. whisky).

I can’t speak to the Yamazaki, but Phin’s Scottish accent is pale and peaty with a soft body, grassy palate and smooth finish.

  • Spududontlike

    Get yourself some Yamazaki. As good as many Scotchs. If you can find it, try the 17yo Hibiki which is outstanding… And I’m a massive Lagavulin/Laphraoig man

    • Doctorossi

      Hi Spud,

      Nice to meet you. I, myself, am a somewhat diminutive Lagavulin/Laphroaig man.

  • Jim H

    Yamazaki is okay. But I personally prefer The Balvenie, either the 15 year double wood or the 14 year Caribbean cask… awesome. Glenlivet 12 year, for the price is also excellent. I went to a whisky tasting in Boston a few months ago. You bought tickets for each tasting. Not one vendor asked for a ticket. : ) Needless to say I had to stop myslef. It was good though. Oh, no, sorry one vendor did. Sorry to say it was Royal Crown and it was not very good.

    • The Balvenie Doublewood is the one I’ve settled down with. Tasty and smooth.

  • Yamazaki is my current favourite, though Hibiki is on my wishlist, as are some Nikka. Have a bottle if Balvenie DoubleWood here, which is also terrific. Looking forward to this podcast giving me licence to try even more! I’m lucky that there is a specialist spirit shop in Bath, the city I live in.

  • I have yet to try a Japanese whisky, very curious how they compare. My favourite whisky right now is the 12yo Jameson.