Tesla Model X SUV

I’ll take it!

  • Doctorossi

    Looks great, but if they’re calling something with that outline an ‘SUV’ now, they may as well just call the existing Tesla models SUVs.

    • Alex

      Doctorossi, you’re applying traditional car image in an all-electric SUV. It has flat floor, no space wasted for transmission, etc. it has no engine so tons of bag space. Very spacious inside. Deceptively so. That’s a benefit of going electic. Do no worries, this is totally an SUV.

      • Doctorossi

        Cool! Looks very much like a sedan on the outside.

  • CapnVan

    If you do any off-roading, I’d bring a really long extension cord.

  • cyabud

    What a shame about those gull-wing doors.

  • i want this to be my next vehicle. however, reality and i seldom see eye to eye.