Led Zeppelin on Letterman

Such an incredible band.

  • JDSoCal

    Even better with instruments.

    • DT

      Yes! Was just a kid during the LZ peak and tours, so I would LOVE to be able to catch them live (the wife too).

  • Deocliciano

    Those guys are very very good musicians, even though LZ was actually mostly a ’’cover‘‘ band. Their versions are always lush compositions of their own.

    J. Paul Jones is a prolific composer.

    UK no longer produces good musicians, no for the mainstream anymore.

    • “UK no longer produces good musicians”

      Into hyperbole, are we?

      • Deocliciano

        British underground musicians ( from Jazz, improvisation. Metal, noise ) are the BEST there are.

        The mainstream ones, Brit pop mostly are not very good compared with the mainstream musicians of the 60’s until the 80’s.

        • Ah, that makes more sense. That’s because there’s just no such thing as good mainstream music any more. 🙂

  • And Robert Plant’s last couple projects (Band of Joy and Raising Sand) have been outstanding.

  • This is THE band. I spent my college years listening to them with ever-growing appreciation.

    But their movie was bizarre. Music great, fillers just embarrassing. Glad they stuck with music as long as they did.

  • Highway Star

    What the…!? Why bother with Led Zep?! They’ve always been perenial media darlings so I doesn’t surprise to see these getting airtime. Deep Purple are still kicking ass, tour the world, release new albums yet they get no recognition.