First official photo of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs surfaces

The Sundance Institute has announced the films that will premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, which takes place in Utah in January. Among the films set to make their debut is “Jobs,” a biopic of Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher in the lead role.

The press release also sports an official publicity photo from the new film. While images of Kutcher in Jobs costume have surface before (principal photography occurred earlier this year), this is the first “official” image we have.

So, what do you think? Is he suitably Jobs-like? Do you hold out any hope that the star of “That 70’s Show,” “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and “Two and a Half Men” can carry the role?

  • Looks more like a thin Jack Black.

  • DanPierce

    Did any one think the star of Bosom Buddies, Big and Bachelor Party could be a good dramatic actor?

    I say we reserve judgement until we actually see the film.

    • lkalliance

      True. Also could the star of Night Shift, Mr. Mom and Beetlejuice be Batman?

      • DanPierce

        Or the star of Moonlighting and Blind Date be an action star?

    • Anders

      Been looking for that, thanks for the link.

      They certainly resemble each other, but I’ll reserve judgement on whether he’s right for the role until I’ve seen the movie. I do believe that Kutcher has at least one good performance in him.

  • cronked

    I’m really hoping that Ashton surprises us all but I’m not optimistic.

  • JDSoCal

    Watch Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect. He can act.

    • Machiavelli

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Greenstar37

    I do believe he has it in him. He did a great job in The Guardian with Dennis Quaid. Ashton Kutcher does have it in him to do serious roles.

  • Space Gorilla

    Kutcher is a lot smarter and a lot more talented than people think. I bet he does a good job. Depending on the script of course, bad writing can sink even the best actors.

    • Perhaps. But he is not a good actor. At the same time, the resemblance to younger Jobs is there. So let’s hope indeed that he can pull this off.

  • He’s talented, but if the writing and direction aren’t up to the story’s needs, no amount of Kutcher’s ability will make it good.

  • I’m weary of biopics to begin with, in part because you’re not really getting acting so much as an elaborate impersonation. There’s little room for interpretation when doing an impersonation, which means there’s less freedom of exploration, which ultimately means there’s less authenticity from the actor.

    Kutcher looks like a guy who’s dressed up as the young Steve Jobs for Halloween. The Jobs-like intensity in his eyes wasn’t something he discovered while studying the text and exploring his character’s physicality – it’s something he consciously chose to imitate after staring long and hard at a lot of photos and videos of Jobs, picking him apart and distilling him down to the characteristics that, if imitated properly, will sell the idea of Jobs to an audience.

    Clearly my concerns in this regard are not shared by the majority of other people, since folks tend to eat this biopic shit up. I’m looking forward to seeing how they tell this particular story of Jobs, but I’m not holding my breath for any meaningful performances to come out of it.

    • Peter Cohen

      After trying and failing to make it through Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, I’ve decided I’m done with Jobs porn and am moving on.

  • Mike Loy

    I agree with DanPierce. I will reserve judgement until a later time.

  • I couldn’t tell if that was Jobs or Kutcher at first look. Looking forward to this one.

  • Ford Bailey

    I thought it was “jObs”

    • anon