Lessons from the demise of The Daily

Jeff Sonderman for Poynter:

Being the first-of-a-kind is as dangerous as it is exciting in the technology world. With few or no prior examples to learn from, you’re left to try stuff and learn the hard way. With the benefit of hindsight, there seem to be at least two major lessons from The Daily’s failure.

  • In stark contrast: The Magazine. Looks like Marco’s doing this sort of thing the right way; stripped down to the core elements and profitable from week one.

    • Small difference: The Magazine has a built-in audience for almost every one of its contributors, brought over from their individual efforts. The Daily did not.

    • That’s not a “contrast” at all. They are completely different entities serving different people with different goals. The only comparison you can really make is that they are both readable on the iPad….

  • Derrick Story

    Is there more on this story? I’m still receiving updates to The Daily on my iPad.

    • Click the link for more. It isn’t shutting down for another week or so.