Getting the most from RSS feeds

Gabe Weatherhead:

RSS is time-shifted news. It’s closer to a newspaper than a radio station. I visit a news feed when I have time to read. Like a newspaper, the value comes from being judicious in using my time. I can’t read everything but, I want to read every good thing.

I use RSS everyday and find it very useful — that’s why I offer an RSS feed for The Loop and a full text feed for members. Sometimes it does get out of hand though, so maybe these tips will help you.

  • Jamie Palmer

    Totally agree — while some say RSS is dead, I can’t imagine consuming web content efficiently without it.

    My only wish is that the interwebs would align on some form of common ‘tagging’. Often the news in my feeds overlaps — and I end up getting 100 feeds on the same trending topic of the day (for instance — todays trend is The Daily shutting down). So I spend time weeding out signal from noise. If only Reeder could give me a “word cloud” showing me all the trending topics in my unread list…then I could click on a topic (“The Daily”) read one article on it, and easily zap the rest….