America’s embarrassing street names

At some point you just have to ask yourself why.

  • Not quite as bad, but “American Way” is down the street from me.

  • Oregon has two cities with odd names (I’m sure there are more). When you compare them, you might say “Boring as Hell.”

  • I live around the corner from Uren Street.

  • Nerdie McSweatervest

    Just you wait — when Canada gets streets, some of them will have embarrassing names, too.

  • Here in Huntsville, AL we have Butter and Egg Road……

  • Why? From Wikipedia: Broomrape or broom-rape (Orobanche) is a genus of over 200 species of parasitic herbaceous plants in the family Orobanchaceae, mostly native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere.

    So the street is named after a plant. Not a big deal.

  • mvcmendes

    São Paulo has a street called Street of the Psychedelic Butterflies (Borboletas Psicodélicas). I shit you not.

  • pawhite524

    A good friend of mine used to live around the corner from Wall St in Manhattan, NYC at 20 Beaver St. When asked where he lived hr would always respond, “I live on Beaver…” He got a lot of nods from that answer.