5 hours of airplane landings in 30 seconds


Check out this curious 25-second time-lapse/composite video that shows every airplane that landed at San Diego International Airport on Black Friday a week ago between 10:30am and 3pm.

The giant planes whiz by overhead as if they’re part of a fighter jet squadron heading off to battle — not something you’d expect to see with commercial planes at an airport.

  • They should do one of those in Atlanta.

  • mycroftxxx

    The San Diego airport is an anomaly – it’s really hemmed in by the city, so you can get very close to the final approach path (it’s quite an experience having a 747 pass less than 200 ft above your head when you’re stopped in traffic with the sunroof open). Very cool!

    • Same thing with Minneapolis/St Paul. The approach to the North/South runway takes it right over the I-494 beltway. The runway ends quite literally over a fence from the highway. The approach signal lights go right through the highway. It’s quite a sight during a landing.