Learning from your mistakes

David Barnard, founder of App Cubby, explains and apologizes to users of Timer for one of his decisions.

Much respect David.

  • wfuglaar

    Very classy move from a small developer.

  • It’s great that he explained himself, but people also need to grow the fuck up and stop with the whining. He put an ad in his app that he gave away for free (for most people).

    It’s not his fault if people were stupid and forgot they didn’t pay for the ad to begin with.

    It’s not his fault if people are so full of themselves that they think the developer should never update or change an app until they consult with them personally.

    I suppose he could release a paid version of the app with no ads, and a second version of the ad for free, but contains ads. But that’s a lot of code maintenance just to please a few loud-mouth complainers.