AT&T comes up short in Consumer Reports survey

Jon Brodkin for Ars Technica:

Each year, Consumer Reports surveys some 60,000 cell phone subscribers to find out which service providers are the best and worst. AT&T is on a real hot streak in these rankings—a hot streak of finishing dead last in customer satisfaction.

Well, AT&T has one thing going for them anyway: Consistency.

There was a bright spot: AT&T’s LTE service scored well amongst customers using it. But in terms of voice quality, value, text, data and support, AT&T scored last or tied for worst.

  • satcomer

    You expected anything different?

  • It’s true. AT&T’s LTE is fantastic, when you can find it. Otherwise all they have going for them is the whole voice & data at the same time thing.. when you can get service at all.

  • crateish

    The LTE rollout is like Swiss Cheese, data wise. When you are in it, it is amazing. The problem is that outside of, for example Center City Philadelphia, it is Highly inconsistent. AT&T and Verizon’s coverage maps show solid coverage well into the suburbs, but it’s a lie. It’s Swiss Cheese, and mostly holes. In those holes my iPhone 5 struggles between 3G and LTE and ends up, slower than 2G. The 3G rollout was much, much more even in coverage.

  • LTE just rolled out in Minneapolis/St. Paul area and surrounding burbs. It is amazing. I have no complaints towards them. The few times I have had to deal with customer service reps I have been very satisfied. I feel at odds because I’ve always heard “AT&T sucks” but I’ve never had a problem with them. Mileage definitely varies depending on where you are throughout the US though.

  • tylernol

    AT&T LTE service in Austin has been pretty amazing. Verizon’s is very good as well, but my grandfathered unlimited plan on my iPhone 5 is very hard to leave now.

  • impaler

    AT&T was the first with LTE in Alaska and we’re thrilled! Turned on my iPad 3 one day and BOOM!