Windows 8 fails to move the needle on slow PC sales

Ingrid Lunden for TechCrunch:

Microsoft earlier this week made a point of noting that there have been 40 million downloads of Windows 8 since it launched a month ago, putting it ahead of where Windows 7 was at the same point in its sales cycle. But according to figures out today from NPD, in the midst of an overall slowdown in PC sales, this is not translating into robust hardware sales in the influential U.S. market.

I wonder if all the shit that gets pre-installed on PCs these days has anything to do with why consumers hate buying them.

  • We can simply blame UAC…

  • Sadly, I don’t think most people are put off by crapware. They just think that’s how computers are. In our little tech-literate, high-aesthetic-value bubble we can rail on about how it destroys the experience but normals really don’t care. The bar has been set so low that they just are resigned to accepting it.

    I guess I’m in a pessimistic mood today.

    • JohnDoey

      iPad is 30% of the low-end PC market. It is the best-selling low-end PC for over 2 years. iPad is what is setting the trends and expectations for low-end PC’s. That is why Windows 8 is a tablet system with apps only from an app store.

      Also, iPad is the only low-end PC that is experiencing any growth, and it doubles every year. So consumers of low-end $300–$800 PC’s are choosing the system that doesn’t have crapware.

      Regular consumers never had a choice before in the $300–$800 market so that we could divine their tastes. Now try do and they are choosing iPad. Same as high-end users almost all have Intel Macs now.

      iPad is doing to low-end PC’s what iPhone did to phones and iPod did to music players. Everybody is choosing Apple once they get a choice other than generic tech.