Prank: Creepy girl in an elevator

This is the best prank ever.

  • Joe Rossignol

    This is awesome.

  • wallyfoo

    So perfectly and amazingly cruel. I’m surprised there were no heart attacks. So good, I just had to show my kids.

  • Caleb Land

    Is this David Lynch’s April fools prank?

    • K. Langoso

      Brazillian TV, very popular show.

  • MrFlish

    That sure seems risky….imagine the victim going batshit crazy and kicking the hell out of the kid!!!

  • Kip Beatty

    My God is that funny. Thanks for the link. Nothing like kicking of the day with a big laugh.

  • Math

    Who pays for the therapy and laundry bills afterwards though? Also, 2nd last dude, fixing your hair aint going to button up that shirt.

  • BC2009

    I’m glad that little girl did not get hurt by somebody scared out of their mind.

  • JSC ☁