Fantastical for iPhone

I test quite a few iPhone, iPad and Mac apps. Some I like, others I don’t really care about and a very limited number, I love. Fantastical for iPhone is an app I love.

I’ve been testing the app before its release today and it has become an app that I’ll use for all of my calendaring needs. Just like the Mac app, the iPhone version is well designed and works exactly the way you think it should.

Using natural language, Fantastical lets you enter events like “Meeting with Michael Simmons next Tuesday at 2 pm.” That’s exactly the date, time and title that’s entered into Calendars.

The feature I like the most is DayTicker1. It’s a quick and easy way to scroll through the dates to see what events you have. Very slick.

If you use a calendar, you need Fantastical. Simple as that.

  1. I couldn’t find DayTicker at first. Just swipe down on the calendar and you’ll enter DayTicker mode. 

  • Weird that yours wasn’t showing DayTicker by default.

  • It is great, yes. But it desperately needs alarms/local notifications. Relying on the iOS native Cal is so 2010.

  • Couldn’t agree more. First impression is very, very good. This has replaced my Apple Calendar on my home screen. After using and hoping for more from Calvetica and Agenda Fantastical nailed it. I’ll miss the date display on the icon though.

  • Just purchased today. It had a quick animation that told me how to find the day ticker and the calendar. Maybe that wasn’t available in Jim’s pre-release?

  • Eric Dolecki

    They need to grey out the expired meetings though on iOS – to match how it appears on OS X.

  • RudyGr

    It looks like a nice start. But I do wish it had search, event cloning and landscape support. Hopefully, that is coming soon.