Apple selling unlocked iPhone

You can now buy the unlocked iPhone directly from Apple, although it will cost more.

  • Been able to do that for years in Australia. Why has it taken so long to be available for you folk?

    • Carriers.

    • Demand for unlocked devices tends to be low IME. Namely the prices (since they are not subsidized) tend to turn people in the US away from buying them.

    • It’s been available in the US too. Last year I bought my 4S that way. It’s only the 5 that has until now been not available unlocked.

  • Ouch! That’s pricey!

    • Jim H

      Pricey? That was the expected price. Nothing unusual here. When you typed “pricey” I thought something had changed.

      • I didn’t realize how big of a deal the unlocked Nexus 4 at $299 was until I saw this price. I forgot how expensive these are as I have never paid for an unlocked one.

        I could get 2 Nexus 10’s or iPad Mini’s for close to this price.

  • Excluding any sales taxes, that’s $77 less than Australia. Thanks a lot Apple!

  • Red

    Unlocked less useful in US than in other countries due to different network technologies. In UK I buy unlocked from Apple so I can use ANY of our 4 networks, as SIM only plans are common.

  • It doesn’t cost more — it is just not subsidized. A distinction I find to be very important. Either case the user is going to pay.

    Here in Germany, I have always brought unlocked or as it was known as earlier “unbranded” cellphones. I truly believe that the subsidaztion of cellphones are part of why the carriers are so evil.

  • I bought my iPhone directly from Apple, without contract. In 2011.