Apple releases iTunes 11

Apple on Thursday released the much anticipated iTunes 11. First introduced in September, iTunes 11 features a simplified design and some new features.

iTunes is both an application and a service – a storefront for buying music, movies, TV shows and books, and Apple has redesigned iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore to make it easier to find and buy content than before. Featured content is showcased at the top and shelves expose music, movies and TV shows.

A “preview history” shows you all the content you’ve already looked at, and iCloud keeps track of your preview history across different devices. You’ll also be able to fire up 90-second music clips while browsing (previously, clicking away from the tracks you’re previewing causes them to stop playing).

New features like a full-window interface and a new library view to make it easier to see what’s in your library and click on content categories.

Another new feature called “Up Next” lets you queue up the next song or album you want to hear and iCloud remembers where you left off when watching movies or TV shows.

You can download iTunes 11 on Apple’s Web site or by choosing “Check for Updates” in iTunes.

  • not working for me yet.

  • Joshua Ochs

    Jumping the gun a little there. 🙂

  • Endem

    Nop, still 10.7 on the site.

  • nikoh

    A little too fast??

  • mouthfart

  • it’s showing up in “software updates”… running it now.

  • Can’t wait. I’m looking forward to the update.

  • vatdoro

    You have to get it from the Mac App Store or go to “Software Updates” for your system, not in the iTunes app.

  • Good luck to those of you volunteering to beta test this upgrade for the rest of us. And thanks. 🙂

    • chjode

      Aye, waiting for 11.0.1 before upgrading.

      • jorge

        the cover flow is gone. images became blurry. 11.0 needs a fix, and fast…

    • Jonas

      It’s working well.

    • yes it is working well.

  • I was a little disappointed and thought that this was a bit pre-mature but then I saw it in the updates for the Mac App Store. Finally!

  • fire it up and BANG! sigvec crash. (macbook pro 13″ retina)

  • All those not seeing it, the App Store has it.

  • Even it the site says 10.7 its 11 you download!

  • yes, but where is my iMac 2012??

    • chjode

      Friday. Wait a day.

  • I didn’t see Podcasts in the first bunch of screenshots at I was starting to worry that they were going to force us to use the horrible Podcasts app.

  • Red

    No “iTunes DJ” anymore – annoying!

    • NE

      I agree! That’s the only way I used to listen to music in my playlists! Now, I hear it’s replaced with “what’s next” feature which is close… But if I glance at “what’s next” I can’t hit refresh to change the list if I don’t really want to hear the few upcoming songs. If you hit “clear” in what’s next, it just ends at the end of the current song. If you add a song – it will only add the one song then end after that song. Who wants to sit there and babysit what’s playing? I want to select my playlist and let it randomly play through it…

  • Jay Martin

    Great new feature!!

    DACP, the unpublished protocol that many home automation systems and 3rd party apps use to control iTunes over the network, appears to have been broken. Goodbye iTunes as a whole-home media server.

  • tylernol

    I am actually seeing some formatting problems when I go to the book store….oops.

    • tylernol

      and then it is fixed….weird…? something is glitchy.

  • I can actually wait a bit for this until I’ve heard more about the usability.

  • Improvement over the old iTunes for sure UI wise. Album view is cool, but kind of distracting: When you click on the cover to view the track listing, I wish the other albums not selected faded to the background or something.

  • DanielSw

    Ah the usual pack of nimrods commiserating amongst themselves over their petty disappointments with yet another new thing from Apple.

    iTunes 11 is in fact one of the best upgrades ever! I can tell a lot of work went into it. Great new interface which is far more intuitive, which gives me a much better view of my media in a much more orderly way. Another companion upgrade is Remote 3.0 whose iPad version has an almost identical interface for controlling AirPlay to Apple TVs, etc.

  • Paul

    I downloaded it today (Friday). It’s a nightmare. I can open it, even play music from my library. But every time I try to connect to the iTunes store, it crashes. I have a PC, not a Mac. But when I went on the forums to see if there was a solution, or maybe I was doing something wrong, it’s a widespread problem. Plus everyone having the problems that posted on the forums were using a Mac of one kind or another. I’m using just a basic Dell PC. So I think they have some bugs to work out. If anyone has a resolution, and has a PC, I’d love to find an answer as opposed to waiting for Apple to finally admit it’s buggy and releasing a fix.

  • samdchuck

    Can’t believe there still isn’t a way to play podcasts at 2x speed in iTunes! Great update otherwise. Loving the new giant blue indicators for new shows.

  • jorge

    anxiously waiting for Apple to come uo with 11.0.1 and fix the bugs : several features were deleted such as the excellent cover flow. Images became blurry also. I hated 11.0 !!! I want my 10.7 back…

    Apple, please, when is that going to happen ?

  • Not sure that I’d call “Up Next” is a new feature. It is really just a re-working of iTunes DJ, which was the only way I listened to music while I worked. Having locked myself away working for 4 days with the new iTunes it feels more like a new paradigm for the user interface than anything. I quite like it but as already noted, it is still a little buggy.