Now this is a great campaign from Microsoft. They’re going straight for Google’s heart.

  • thomas

    to bad it’s ugly as hell 🙂

  • Tvaddic

    Microsoft shouldn’t spend this time and money pointing out how Google is bad, they should spend it making Bing better than Google.

    • Their point is that they don’t need to. Google is making their search worse.

      • Tvaddic

        For Google shopping, I’m talking about the Google.com search, they need things like Knowledge Graph, Google Now, and other little things. When I type the term “calculator” into Bing, it shows me that Bing can calculate math problems. When I type “calculator” into Google, a calculator shows up, this is much more useful.

    • It actually already is pretty decent. In the interest of giving them a fair shot, I gave the Bing Challenge a try a few months back, and while I did still end up picking Google more often than Bing, it was a narrow victory. In the five searches I tested, each of them had one results page that was clearly worse than the other’s results, but the remaining three searches I did were all pretty close calls, with the edge going slightly to Google for me.

      Of course, I find it ironic and hypocritical that Microsoft is calling Google out for being evil, considering some of the incredibly slimy things they’ve done to get Bing’s search results to be halfway decent. For instance, back in 2010 or 2011, Microsoft added code to one of their browser toolbars that would steal Google’s search results every time the toolbar’s user happened to do a Google search. Google was able to prove that Microsoft was doing it by picking some search terms for nonsensical made up words that had no results, then manually inserting results that linked to fictional sites that didn’t exist. They confirmed that Bing had no results for those terms, installed the toolbar in their browser, ran the searches, and then magically saw those fictional pages appear in Bing’s results (and in the same order, to boot) a little while later.

      Microsoft then quickly killed the “feature” and swept it under a rug as fast as they could. At least Google, for all their faults, is honest about the fact that their shopping stuff is all advertising-based.

  • Buzz Lightyear

    It’s kinda funny/sad/ironic that Microsoft is using YouTube to host their video promo against Google.

    I’ve tried Bing and it’s okay, not great though. Then again Google used to be great and their search results today tend to blow.

  • RawBob
  • I like Microsoft being aggressive. The Bing It On challenge at the local Microsoft Store worked. Bing impressed me and I got a free shirt. I won’t use it but still impressed me. 🙂

    My point is…maybe this campaign will do the same or better for some.