Ballmer defends Microsoft’s innovation record

“We’re innovating on the seam between software and hardware,” said Ballmer, asked why his company had fallen behind rival Apple. “Maybe we should have done that earlier.”

You think?

“I feel pretty good about our level of innovation,” he added.

And there is the problem.

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  • I like watching Kitchen Nightmares, in which Gordon Ramsey, a world-class chef, comes into these struggling restaurants and tries to help them turn things around. One of the first questions he almost always asks is, “How good do you think your food is on a scale of 1 to 10?” Inevitably, the vast majority will tell him a 10. And, inevitably, the food is almost always far below what they claimed, since they couldn’t acknowledge to themselves that their food had become their chief problem.

    I feel as if Ballmer is like that. Problems abound all around him, yet he can’t seem to recognize them for what they are. Has the guy surrounded himself with yes men or something?

  • Domicinator

    Ballmer shouldn’t necessarily feel BAD about their level of innovation–what he should feel bad about is that Windows 8 is not where it needed to be. I just got my first Mac–been on Windows forever. My 6 year old gaming tower was Microsoft’s last bastion in my house, other than my Xbox 360. When I loaded up Mountain Lion and got everything migrated over from my old machine (which took all of an hour, if that) and started using Mountain Lion, my first thought was, “Oh, THIS is what they were trying to do with Windows 8.”

    Full screen apps, the Mac app store, iCloud integration that works seamlessly with my iPhone and iPad–this is what MS wanted to do with Metro, but it’s like they realized they weren’t going to make it happen so they left the desktop mode in there too. To me, Mountain Lion feels like convergence and simplicity. The Windows 8 consumer preview that I tried for a couple of weeks felt slapped together and wonky. Maybe I should have given the full release a chance, but from what I’ve read, it’s no different.

  • I suspect that “I feel pretty good about our level of innovation” is going to be one of those quotes that will will be hearing again within the year when the other shoe drops at MSFT.

  • Maybe they should have innovated earlier. Wow.

  • matthewmaurice

    Hmm, I wonder if this is like when, in regards to their mobile offering [Windows Mobile 6.5], Ballmer said “I like our strategy. I like it a lot.”

    • It’s exactly like that. It’s the same Sales guy repeating the same cheer to his squad.