Siri coming soon to Chevy budget cars

Chris Woodyard for USA TODAY:

GM says today that it has found a way to link Siri to the new infotainment systems in its two smallest cars, Chevrolet Spark and Sonic.

What’s interesting about this is that Chevy is launching this feature on a minicar and a compact model ahead of doing it on luxury brands. You’ll need an iPhone, of course, but if you have a 4S or 5, you’ll be able to activate Siri using steering wheel-mounted controls.

  • Yet another area Microsoft hit first but Apple will do better. #fordsync

  • Steven Fisher

    What I want out of iPhone integration: Something like my cheap, add on Bluetooth visor. Push the button, control goes to the iPhone. Ideally, make the car also appear as a Bluetooth speaker.

    My parents have a Orlando, which tries to interpret commands to pass to the iPhone. It’s a UI disaster.