Samsung rewards developer for copying iOS game

Samsung has announced the winner of its Smart App Challenge and look who made it to the top! Our old “friends” from Feeling touch with their Gun & Blood shooter! “Their” game is surprisingly similar to our very own Overkill. People with really sharp eyes might even call it a clear copycat, a rip off, a shameless robbery, and we would be inclined to agree with them.

Stay classy folks.

  • I think you killed their server.

  • Yep, I just killed it:)

  • deviladv

    What I like about this response is that it’s classy and measured. Some people call for assassinations and carpet bombing when someone copies their ideas. I am of the opinion that copying someone and presenting their ideas as your own is in poor taste and immoral, but I also believe everything is a remix, and people love to point out why some things are copies and others are not for what seem to be completely random reasons to me. This is a blatant copy but Craneballs simply wants Samsung and the copier to look bad, but not to wield some kind of copyright hammer and send them to prison or kill them off.

    Not looking to start a “copying” flame war, just expressing my opinion as to why I like this response.

    • Techpm

      But they won’t look bad to 99% of potential customers and by next week it’ll be 99.99%.

      That the problem with these niche “name and shame” campaigns, they yield no lasting results and Feeling Touch will continue to rip off other successful games without a care in the world.

  • Techpm

    Take care, a seocho2donginsight website can’t be far away, complete with a plastic bearded fake Jim.

  • Tvaddic

    The copier of the game copied, but that doesn’t mean Samsung knew they copied. How was Samsung supposed to know that this game was a copy, check every game in the app store to see if it is similar.

    • Agreed. The title is VERY misleading and link-bait’esque.

    • studuncan

      Do you thing Samsung suspected there might be copies before they announced the challenge?

      And would have put in checks and restraints, if they cared at all?

      • Tvaddic

        They probably did check copies for huge games like Angry Birds, but it doesn’t make sense to just search each and every app for a contest few people knew about until now. And I doubt tons of people at Samsung have iOS devices to make the task easier.

        • studuncan

          So, they couldn’t download iTunes and do a quick search, or search Google Play?

          Very lame excuse. This company spends literally billions advertising. They can afford to have half a dozen people checking all submissions.

          • Tvaddic

            There are 600,000 apps in the App Store, how are 6 people going to browse 100,000 apps a piece when there isn’t a great way to browse all apps in the App store.

          • studuncan

            Hire a few more people?

            Your argument is dumb, because Samsung could afford to do the checking, no matter the # of apps.

          • Tvaddic

            The tech giants could all AFFORD to pay off the debt of California, but it doesn’t make sense. There is no need for Samsung to hire 600k people for a contest.

          • studuncan

            So is 100-200 ok? What number would be ok with you, or are you just ok with Samsung allowing copying, INCLUDING THE WINNING ENTRY!

          • Tvaddic

            Samsung didn’t allow the coping, because they didn’t know the game existed. How are they or a group of people supposed to go threw every app in the App Store, no matter what the expense?

          • Why don’t they just cancel the prize, now that everything is out in the open! I bet there were no rules or credits or any kind of acknowledgement for being genuine in this contest, cause Sammy considers copying as a form of brilliant engineering.

          • Tvaddic

            I agree with that, but contest have rules, like you said, and you just can’t take a prize away because it is similar, or copied another game.

    • crbesq

      Or, I don’t know, maybe check THE WINNER!?!

      • Tvaddic

        How do you check the winner, you can’t search for something by the idea, you have to know the name, or browse all the apps.

  • Jay Martin

    A company who fundamentally doesn’t see any problem copying others (Samsung) is certainly not going to bother checking to see if a 3rd party is copying. It’s part of the corporate culture.