More Amazon bullshit

Amazon today announced that this Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the best ever for the Kindle family, and the popular new Kindle e-readers and tablets remain at the top of Amazon’s best sellers list worldwide.

How many exactly did they sell? Amazon won’t say. Could be they sold 10 Kindles between the two days, nobody knows for sure. Just more bullshit from Amazon.

  • Nick

    Why do you care?

    • Anyone who wants to better understand the consumer electronics market should care about having tangible numbers with which one can see the relative success of one product over another. Amazon is being coy, probably for a reason.

  • Well they obviously sold more than 10 or it wouldn’t be at the top of their best sellers list worldwide.

    You’re getting awfully worked up about this. What’s the big deal here?

    • tylernol

      lazy journalistic standards these days. Just like that Google story WiFi yesterday got echoed without any due diligence, so will Amazon’s “best ever” story. Amazon does not give numbers, so how can we trust what they say?

      • This has nothing to do with journalistic standards. It’s a press release, issued by Amazon.

        Amazon are not obligated to release their numbers. Unless they’re lying about something, then I don’t really see the reason why anyone would need to get worked up about it.

        • tylernol

          I was referring to how the press will handle the press release — they will parrot the hyperbolic “best ever” and not question what it means in relation to concrete iPad sales numbers or Nexus 7 sales “leaks”.

  • Ron S

    That obviously means the number is low. Otherwise they would brag.

    • Tvaddic

      I don’t know Amazon never releases numbers, and they own most of the e-reader market.

  • MacMac

    Why is it bad Jim wrote this? I would write the same fuck amazon. Pisses me off that they didn’t release numbers as well, and no nothing is “wrong” with me and smart ass comments like “why is it getting you upset” piss me off too because first of all if u don’t like something and u voice your opinion you would also be like WTF when everyone assumes you have a hidden secret reason why you feel that way. There isn’t anything special going on here, Jim, like me, just wants amazon to release figures and they won’t so we are allowed to comment on it and be upset. Anyone saying shit about that is just stirring the pot

  • tylernol

    note that Amazon has just filed for $3B in bonds , first time in ~15 years(?). The explanation is headquarters expansion. But I am sure losing money in tablet R&D and selling tablets at a loss is not helping much either.

    • Tvaddic

      Don’t forget losing money on Amazon Prime trying to compete with Netflix .

  • Best ever for the Kindle family could mean Amazon sold 1000 more units than the any previous un-reported milestone.

    2012 has been the best year ever for my photography. I’ve had two major photo shoot this year. Last year I had none.

  • As noted before, just because they don’t provide the details you want doesn’t mean it is BS.

    • it is BS because they don’t release any data. They just throw out vague fluffy announcements or statements about their performance without any proof and the media starts spouting the crap without any questions. it is annoying and frustrating when you want to get an accurate picture of the tablet e-reader market.

      • Does it need to be proven? Why is that a requirement to whether it is bull or not?

        I can understand frustration of wanting to know but because you can’t see #’s doesn’t mean they’re wrong. They also aren’t saying the Fire sold more than the iPad across the board.

        If they did say that, I’d call bull on them if they didn’t give stats but for them to say “Product X was the best on day X on OUR store” is completely legit.

        Accept it or ignore it and move on. No biggie.

  • Tvaddic

    Well duh they sold more than ever, they are cheaper, and more models available Amazon really didn’t announce anything, and everyone at it up.

  • I am sure selling the Kindle Fire HD at a loss on cyber monday helped.

  • I talked to a major jewelry manufacturer employee who was their Amazon guru. That person told me that from her experience, Amazon has gamed their sales numbers by changing algorithms for compiling sales numbers to favor their own products. One time she had a massive hit on her hands (thanks to Amazon calling her and saying there’s a big demand for some specific product they had) but when sales went through the roof and she was outselling Amazon itself for that product, the algorithms were changed, and in a matter of hours, Amazon was on top again.

    You can’t trust them. Period.

  • Player_16

    Ooh!; it’s a “bias” press release. No wonder the Kindle is on top of ‘their’ list. They don’t need to release numbers on their press releases pertaining to their products on their site. It’s all in-house, smoke & mirrors magic relying on faith.

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  • DT

    Maybe we can get an estimate, let’s see, a friend of mine bought one … so that’s … one.