Like your iOS 6 clock? Mondaine sells ’em for wrists and walls

iOS 6 featured a redesigned clock app that uses a design Apple licensed (post-release) from the Swiss Federal Railways.

If you or someone on your holiday shopping list likes the simple, bold design enough to wear on the wrist or hang on your wall, Swiss watch maker Mondaine reminds you that they’re the official licensee of the design for wristwatches and wall clocks.

“Mondaine would like to welcome all iPad users to the worldwide club of Swiss Railway Clock enthusiasts – a club Mondaine and its consumers have been part of for 26 years,” said the company in a statement.

Mondaine sells the watches worldwide through retailers, e-tailers, museum shops and elsewhere.

  • gjgustav

    Been on my Christmas wish list for a couple of months. Unfortunately, now everyone will think I got one because it’s “the iPad clock.”

    • Peter Cohen

      Right. You wanted one before they went mainstream. 😉

      • chjode

        He was cool before the watch was cool, man.

  • It wasn’t iOS 6 per say, in case you grabbed your iPhone to look at the clocks app. It’s only the iPad. Prior to iOS6, the iPad didn’t have a clocks app, now it has one based on the Swiss Railway Clock. Alas, the iPhone clock app retained the same dull clock face it’s always had, even in iOS 6.

    • Peter Cohen

      Shows you how often I look at my iPhone these days. :

    • This one one of those polish issues with iOS 6.

      On the iPhone, you now have: 1. The original hands and sweep within the Clock app 2. Swiss-style hands and a unique sweep in the Clock icon 3. The Swiss Railways clock in the Siri UI

  • They should remove the Mondaine logo and other stray text – it would look much better.

  • Almost perfect, but I like numerals on a watch face.

  • MikeInTO

    Clicked the link to the Mondaine site. Flsh plugin required. Fail!

  • Can’t find the wall clock. Site is so god damn confusing. Help!

  • GTWilson

    I have one of the wall clocks in my home office. I like the looks of it but it could stand to lose some verbiage on the faceplate.