Happy 70th Jimi

If a musician’s greatness is measured by the breadth of his influence — and how else should we gauge it? — Jimi Hendrix’s legacy commends him as one of the most inspiring virtuosos who ever lived. Consider just a few of the acts who explicitly cite Hendrix as central to their sound, or who pay tribute by incorporating at least something of him into their work: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Miles Davis (who, of course, influenced Hendrix, as well), ZZ Top, Stephen Stills, Public Enemy — the list is as long as it is dizzying in its variety.

[Via Jim Coudal]

  • It was in a previous decade that a writer at The Village Voice or New York Press posited an alternate-universe biography of Hendrix, written after he’d lived a long, full life of widespread musical experimentation and collaboration, where he finally settled upon jazz as his choice of form. I wish I could find this article again.