About the rumor that Apple decimated its pro audio team

A rumor began circulating earlier this week that Apple’s Pro audio team has been decimated.

Apple’s Pro Audio application team is virtually gone, according to recent conversations with a couple of ex-Apple employees. […] In the words of one of them, the team has been ‘decimated’.


There’s no truth to this rumor.

  • studuncan

    Sounds like ex-employees though a lot of themselves.

  • tylernol

    so they did not reduce the audio team by 1/10? What about 1/5?

  • “Decimated” means “reduced by 10%”.

    • John W Baxter

      Reduced by 10%, not to.

      • Peter Cohen

        Historically “decimate” meant “reduce by a tenth,” but the modern meaning is “to remove a large percentage of.” So let’s not play pedantic games, ok?

        • Oh c’mon Peter, you’re the one playing with words here… you know damn well that the modern meaning of decimate is “you’re fucked.”

        • More importantly the person being pedantic was responding to an incorrect and pedantic post, which I think is always worthwhile.

          Bear in mind that historically when a unit was decimated, every tenth man was executed (and the unit dishonored). This is pretty terrible. It’s not just downsizing.

  • Canucker

    Let’s see, two ex-employees would have no reason not to tell the truth about their former employer, would they?

  • Dylan Seeger


  • Thank goodness. Some of us still use these apps!

  • Well beyond the insider “there’s no truth to this rumor” data we have to go on here, I’d just love to finally see Logic Pro X somehow actually happen. If they did fire some people, maybe it’s because this is taking so damn long. As much of a train-wreck that AVID is, they’re on-track to a 2013 PT 11 — where is Apple? Take your hands off Garageband for a little while guys, and try for a DAW release soon…

  • I’d weep if they canned Logic.

  • Christopher Levin

    What about pro video?

    • What about it? The Pro Video team has been pushing out FCPX updates with amazing frequency and consistancy. 6 updates since it’s June 2011 launch, with 3 of those being major feature releases.

      • Christopher Levin

        I guess they’re doing a good job within the environment at apple.

  • It is the holidays. Perhaps they meant decorated.

  • G

    Written by the founder of Pro Tools Expert, a blog for competing products, who also claims their video workflow was “screwed overnight” when Apple stopped making Xsan. Seems objective to me.

    • M.Carlsen

      The ProTools Expert Blog is nothing but Subjective. And IMO the “expert” is highly misleading.

      • G

        My post seems totally non-sarcastic to me. 😉

        • George

          That’s what you get for telling the truth.

  • What Jim said. I worked for Emagic when we were bought by Apple and subsequently worked at Apple for a while. The rumor is false.

    • Facu

      How do you know that? I mean, it’s been a while right? Why are you so sure? Just wondering, #LogicFan

      • I still have some communication with former co-workers.

  • Speaking of audio, why did the new iMac lose its audio input port? The headphone port will only do mono in.

    • JCnIowa

      If you’re truly wanting to use the analog audio input in this day and age of MUCH higher quality options, well . . .

  • conor

    Man hope Logic sticks round, will be proper pissed if it gets canned

  • The beard hath spoken.

  • Decimation is a “good’old” technique inherited from the Roman Empire. When an army had failed, they would divide the survivors in groups of ten. In each group, one was designated and killed by the 9 others. Nice way to motivate the troops.

    So first, if Apple had decimated a team, 90% would still be present. And second, even if Cidre t Apple can be seen as organized and efficient as the Roman Empire at its peak, I doubt they have deployed this practice. Except at SVP level where 9 SVP can band to kill one.

  • Decimated means to remove one in ten, even if that were true 90% is not virtually gone. Reminds me of the princess bride once more ;^)

  • The headline made me gasp! Apple made awesome software with Final Cut pro, which is now debatable, and they are the basis of some recording studios. If they want to kill their reputation as being reliable, they will continue to ignore their pro-customers.

  • “Decimated” literally means one in ten was eliminated. Though in Roman times. they were eliminated by rather harsher means: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimation_(Roman_army)

  • shootersteve

    Thank God we have this Apple blogging stooge to correct these rumors so Apple doesn’t have to do it themselves.

  • George

    This seems to be a situation were the rumour may be incorrect, based on the actual facts, but feeds on a widely held impression that the traditional pro segment is a very low/non-existent priority for Apple. I’m not trying to start that debate, but the “facts” of most rumours get spread because the larger context is believable. That doesn’t make the larger context correct, just believable by a number of people. I think there was an election recently were a lot of this occurred … and I am definitely not trying to restart that debate.

  • fenderlover

    Decimated means forced to mow the lawn in dress pants you bunch of fools.

    • No, I think you’re thinking of “emancipated”.

      • antithesist


  • Axial6

    The team was not, I repeat NOT decimated. Nearly everyone received an opportunity (package) to relocate to Cupertino. Some took it (most) whilst others decided to remain in Germany. That is all. This is nonsense at its finest.

    Apple is not abandoning anything or anyone. Avid is getting its a** handed back to them in a basket with Apples aggressive pricing. They have started this false rumour in hopes of stemming the bleeding. They are well aware that Apple will most likely remain silent on the matter as they always do. Thus Avid is being opportunistic if not completely unethical at best.

    Beyond that, Logic will be supported. The next version will be released early next year. It will ‘decimate’ Avid (Pro Tools) and compete well with Ableton.


    • TayF3rrd

      sounds like wishful thinking

      lol you gotta love all these anonymous people making up shit and pretending like they are in the loop at Apple

  • truthleroy

    the funny part is that rumor was started by avid … it’s def false if anything avid staff is decimated and where is there 64 bit support ? lol good luck avid

  • Oh crap-what if I bet on the wrong horse? How expensive is Protools these days?

  • ALM

    Apple patent could bring polyphonic tuning to Logic Pro http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/11/13/apple-patent-could-bring-polyphonic-tuning-to-logic-pro Say no more or its going to be for garageband Pro LOL