Black Friday Apple Store vs. Microsoft Store

One is packed, one isn’t.

  • DanPierce

    To be fair, for a Microsoft store, that is packed.

  • Looks like a normal day for both stores.

  • Microsoft should put marketing ads on the floor cause there would be no feet to cover them up.

  • Yeah, I agree with Jim McPherson (comment below). The Apple store by me always looks like that. At almost ALL TIMES.

  • Nat5150

    In fairness, it looks like that Microsoft store is quite a bit bigger. I wonder how it would look if you took all the people out of there and put them in the Apple Store.

    Which is probably what wound up happening, just not all at once.

  • Lots of young people in the Apple store, one running in excitedly. I didn’t see any young people in the Microsoft store.

  • Bob Cedrone

    Why is anyone in the Microsoft store?

  • Apple Store is like that on the weekends near my house. Microsoft store looks more packed than usual.

  • GTWilson

    You know your Friday is indeed black when Orange Julius, Sunglass Hut and Dip-n-Dots are pulling in more traffic than your flagship store.

  • theshahinakhter

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