11 Apple iPads sold per hour vs. zero Microsoft Surface tablets

I can’t wait to see Microsoft’s quarterly earnings when they reveal how many Surface tablets were sold. They will tell us, right?

  • Really not a lot of good news for either company there. Cumulative iPad sales are down and Mac sales are way way down.

    Of course, Black Friday sales have been shown to be a neutral to negative indicator of overall holiday sales.

    • tylernol

      mac sales are down because everyone is waiting for the new imac to be released. That’s a good problem to have.

      • But that low? Seems the 13″ rMBP isn’t a hit. iMac sales should account for 20-30% of Mac sales.

        • rattyuk

          The Mall of America is hardly one of the flagship stores. Apple is probably doing extremely well. But at least we know come Jan how well. The rest of the competition? They’ll just base their “market share” figures on estimates from paid analysts.

        • tylernol

          where are the extrapolated 13″ rMBP sales? I dont see them there, but I would not be surprised that they are not outselling the Airs. I would guess more casual users would go for the 13″ Air, as I witnessed in store(it is a big premium for a nice screen and heavier weight), while the developer nerds like me would gravitate a bit more towards the 15″ rMBP. Being limited to 8 GB turns me off on the 13 rMBP. The 13″ rMBP will not be dominant until the pricing goes down or the DRAM capacity goes up.

          • That was my own extrapolation – as the newest model that’s actually able to be bought, I had thought the 13″ rMBP would be the primary driver of holiday Mac sales. But it looks like nothing’s driving them at all.

          • I doubt most consumers will be looking at the premium device that requires the most adaptation for their existing peripherals.

  • This survey compared one apl,e store and one Microsoft store at one mall. Not that useful.

  • Will

    To be honest, Black Friday sales aren’t really a big deal. If you’re buying a Mac or any expensive computer, let’s be honest, you’re just going to order from the internet, or probably not go on a day where large and hysterical crowds are going to be there.

    The sales on days like this for both parties are probably going to be from more casual buyers. Although ultimately, I think selling an iPad every 5 and half minutes is pretty darn good.

  • DT

    Ballmer will have stats on the total sales very soon …

    … he’ll just need a moment to take off at least one shoe to get a complete count.

  • lucascott

    But will they tell us end user or channel sales, aka Samsung. At least with apple, they are their own biggest channel so a good 80% of sales numbers are end user. But other companies can’t really say the same