WTF people at Walmart

They probably don’t even know what they are fighting for.

  • Oakey

    The personification of “market share”.

  • Bob

    Craziness. Glad I missed it.

  • It’s becoming clear that some legislation is in order. Normally I don’t think more laws are in order but this is just unsafe. Stores shouldn’t entice mobs with “sales.”

    • ahalam

      Clearly the Black Friday sales are for the mobs. If I had been in charge, I would have started the Black Friday sale a week in advance but at a lower discount. The discount reaches a crescendo on Black Friday and gradually reduces over the next week.

    • Bradley

      Legislation isn’t the answer to everything my friend.

      • It’s the answer to some things.

        • Boo

          If handled very carefully. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen or read about legislation meant to help a situation made it worse or even created different problems worse than the original situation.

      • He clearly said it wasn’t the answer for everything. I find it funny when people’s reply to a comment about the government stepping in when possibly needed is “Legislation isn’t the answer to everything”. It’s the comment of someone without an actual answer, but unwilling to look beyond the norm to come up with one.

    • So stores shouldn’t run sales? What the heck? It’s not the store’s fault, it’s the fault of the idiots doing the stupid stuff.

      And I think we already have plenty of legislation that deals with criminal behavior, we don’t need more.

    • lucascott

      The sales ant the problem. It’s refusing to provide ample crowd control. Look at Apple. They have orderly lines, with firm rules etc. in Hong Kong when a riot started before opening between resellers and non, the store refused to open at all for like 3 days etc. Apple knows how to handle crowds and does it. Places like Walmart rarely bother to even try. And THAT is what there need to be laws and lawsuits about.

  • ahalam

    This is what the Nexus 4 launch would have looked like if it had been offline.

  • I’m embarrassed to share a country with these people.

    • I’m embarrassed to share air with those people.

  • Freedom Jimmy, they figthen for Freedom

  • m

    Scenes from the returns desk as customers realise they all bought Surfaces accidentally.

  • You can’t change human nature, but you can anticipate it and plan accordingly.

    You don’t see this kind of pandemonium taking place at an Apple Store, even on opening day of a hot new product, because they maintain control of the situation – for the benefit of everyone.

    This is Walmart’s fault – they’re encouraging this kind of behaviour, when it’s completely in their power to curtail it. If someone gets hurt in this melee, Walmart are to blame.

    • MrPhotoEd

      Agreed, wasn’t it at a Walmart that an employee was trampled to death when they opened the doors a couple of years ago. If it was you think they would have learned their lesson by now.

      Just a thought

  • Plebs.

  • You know, that’s what it was like at my polling place on election day. (Not)

  • CuJo YYC

    How empty must your life be for you to fill that void with trinkets and baubles?

    • one man’s trash is another man’s treasure… it’s all a matter of perception.

      • lucascott

        There’s a redneck marriage joke in there somewhere.


  • I don’t think we’d be losing much if they all got crushed to death…

  • Nat5150

    It’s like watching piranhas feed.

    • lucascott

      Piranhas have more manners

  • DT

    Walmart, the Jerry Springer Show of retail.

  • First World Problems

    • FatherTimex

      …first world problem…third world behavior.

  • This is so disgusting and despicable I don’t even know where to start.

  • ShawnL

    And to think, the SEIU wanted to instead a protest into this circus..

  • AngellDusst

    Wow. Disgusting.

  • Dan

    I’m pretty sure that was the LG Optima Android 2.3 prepaid phone they were selling for $40. Such a fuss over such a crap phone.

  • What a bunch of idiots!

  • Richard

    Today isn’t the first Black Friday sale they’ve ever had. Don’t they train their store managers there?

  • Probably looking to give some meaning to their lives.

  • Playing the bluegrass video below while watching this video on mute works very well.

  • dshan

    The saddest part is that every year the showing of such videos seems to only encourage them the next year. You get the impression the prospect of being involved in shopping-related violence excites these people!

  • Matt

    Wal Mart is always a scary place.

  • Spirit Quest

    it’s been removed. . . .