James Bond is a Time Lord

Alan Gratz on TOR.com:

I saw Skyfall last night, and after breaking it down, I can come to only one conclusion: this is the Bond film in which it is revealed that James Bond is a Time Lord.

On Twitter this afternoon I mused that at some point, the James Bond films should tackle the question of why Bond is a different person every five or ten years. Some of the folks I converse with on Twitter offered a good suggestion – that James Bond is a Time Lord (like Doctor Who).

Turns out that children’s book author Alan Gratz hypothesized this following the release of Skyfall, the latest Daniel Craig Bond adventure. It makes for an entertaining read.

Extra credit for the blog post’s use of a screencap of former Bond Timothy Dalton as Rassilon in the Doctor Who two-parter “The End of Time.”

  • I just always assumed that like 007, the name James Bond was a designation or new identity given to each agent.

    • lucascott

      That was also suggested over on cracked.com a couple of years ago

  • Docror No Who

    The difference is that James Bond gets to shag his companions.

  • Bbnboye

    He’s the dread pirate Roberts!

  • CJ

    Yeah, and as he’s aged he’s seemed to have lost his sense of humor….they ruined this franchise, too dark now, all the fun is gone. just another blow up, shoot em up, chase scene generic movie. Bring back the fun/winks/double entendres!

    • I miss the unrelenting misogyny.