Addicted to Bluegrass

You have to give respect to talent in all music genres. These kids rock it out.

  • I’m not a big fan of Bluegrass, but I do enjoy watching kids who are so much better at their genre of music than I will ever be at any genre of music. This is definitely awesome!

  • tbolt

    nothing better than some clean fast pickin’

  • CAugustin

    Oh man, this 10 year old boy and his banjo – marvelous!

    • I love the smile he gets when the audience hoots and hollers for him.

  • Steve

    Jim thanks for the diverse nature of posts on the loop! I come here for my tech fix, and leave with Bluegrass stuck in my head. I’m a school music teacher who spends a lot of time engendering interest in different genres and cultures of music, and your caption basically sums up my curriculum! Well done.

  • MrPhotoEd

    Fantastic talent! Heading over to get some tunes from these boys at iTunes.

  • JohnDeHope3

    Where’s granny on the vocals?

  • chadhs