This drummer is at the wrong gig

Much respect crazy drummer.

  • Batshit insane, that’s what you need to be a great drummer. Much respect indeed.

  • lomifeh

    This reminds me of those old school drummer performers. They’d do all sorts of stuff like this. I’ve seen a few vids of them doing this kind of thing.

  • vincentbir

    The Wipe Out videos that follows is pretty cool as well. Kudos to the man.

  • He be smokin some shit before the gig

  • stsk

    The guy isn’t half bad.

    Q: What do they call a guy who hangs out with musicians? A: A drummer. (Old musician joke)

  • All my praise for a guy who didn’t need that gold jacket slowing him down.

    • Steven Fisher

      Watching the jacket flap around makes the video that much more amazing, I think. Not just that it makes it harder for him, but that the flapping becomes part of the effect.

  • Mayson
  • Player_16

    Talk about being the front man… …and he doesn’t lose a beat.

  • pawhite524

    Not bad for a white boy ;^))

    I’m overjoyed to think I do anything in my life as well as this talented drummer. Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich are smilin’ in heaven.

  • You should not miss this one: