No iPhone without Samsung’s wireless patents

The Korea Times:

The chief executive of Samsung Electronics has expressed confidence about the ongoing patent battle with Apple, saying that no smartpohone can exist without patents from Korea’s technology giants.

“The truth never lies. Without Samsung-owned wireless patents, it’s impossible for the Cupertino-based Apple to produce its handsets,” said Samsung’s mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun.

This is going to be a long battle.

  • milanyc

    How can they compare their FRAND patents to Hardware/Software design patents that are unique to Apple?

    • orthorim

      Two words: Hot air

  • Starfox

    Too bad for them these are FRAND patents. There’s no way that’ll hold up in court.

  • Techpm

    That may be true for smartpohones [sic KT article], but not so much for smartphones.

    Joking aside I wonder where the 1024 ex-Nortel patents Apple just got play into this.

    • rattyuk

      LTE defense I suspect.

  • Alex the Ukrainian

    Umm if a device is impossible without your patent, then it’s an automatic FRAND patent and has zero leverage and cheap fees. So…. Yeah. GL Samsung.

  • The truth doesn’t lie, but Samsung does. Samsung always had option to invent its own touch phone that would have revolutionized the entire mobile industry the way iPhone and iPad did, yet didn’t. Thank you for your FRAND patents however.

    • orthorim

      I don’t think it’s black and white, Samsung cloned the iPhone initially but since then they’ve taken some pains to avoid looking exactly like it. Android has done its own share of copying while catching up, but since then has invented its own things as well.

      I think Samsung at this point could just stop all that copying – all that’s left of that is some similar names and icons that would be easy to change. And some models that look like iPhones, but they’re not their big sellers anyway.

      At this point, the only thing keeping Sammy from settling is pride.

  • El Capitano

    He sure got cojones to make them pohones.

  • The truth never lies

    Can’t say the same about Samsung.

  • So can’t anyone else.

  • floatingbones

    The truth is your FRAND.

  • SuperMatt

    If the patents are necessary for any cell phone to work, then they are FRAND, and need to be licensed as such. It sounds like Samsung’s mobile chief just jammed his foot into his mouth.

  • quadzeus

    Just to clarify, the patents aren’t FRAND because they are needed by all cell phones to work. The are FRAND because Samsung offered them for inclusion into the various 3G and LTE standards. The rules of standards bodies are simple – if we include your technology in our standard, you are required to license your tech on a FRAND basis.

    • Oluseyi

      Thank you. A standard-essential patent isn’t the same thing as an essential patent; as you point out, Samsung’s patents would only be FRAND-compelled if they were included in any standards necessary for Apple to make its smartphones.

      Get your popcorn ready. This is going to take a while.

      • Is anyone aware of any reports that Samsung’s has ‘essential’ patents that aren’t FRAND? Everything I’ve read suggests that those are the only ones they have.

    • orthorim

      I recall western patent trolls pulling the same sort of stunts, namely RAMBUS if I remember correctly.

      First, they get one of their patents to be included in a new standard. They promise that the patents are going to be licensed free perpetually.

      Once the standard is established, they turn around and sue.

      They were not always successful with this, and somehow I don’t think this is gonna fly in this day and age. That trick is too old, there’s got to be precautions and rock solid legal defenses against this.

  • Samsung’s bold talk is going to end up in front of a judge.

    Bascally Samsung is threating to break by violating it’s FRAND agreements. Do that in the open isn’t so smart.

    On the other hand Apple’s patents don’t fall under FRAND.

  • GeorgeS

    Of course, the very same finger could be pointed at Samsung, which relies upon technologies patented by Nokia and Motorola, among others. That fact makes Shin’s comment ludicrous.

  • I’m happy that Apple has sources other than Samsung for vital components.

    • orthorim

      They’re trying but not really.

  • Remarks like that underline that Samsung has not thought this through.

  • hdboy

    And without Apple’s touchscreen vision and patented technology, Samsung wouldn’t have modern, wireless tablets, phones and music players either, because they sure didn’t invent this stuff in a back alley in Seoul. Remind me again: why did we protect this ungrateful bunch of thieves from communist takeover for the past 60 years? Samsung has been pilfering Western technology for years. It’s time that some company stepped up and put a stop to this unacceptable behavior.

    • storm14k

      Touchscreen vision? You mean the one that PDA’s like the Palms had been using since the late 90’s? And please don’t bring up the Newton as its predated by IBM’s Simon which was not only a touch screen PDA but also a PHONE. Yes the first touchscreen phone came from IBM. So yes without Apple we would have modern phones and tablets. They’d already been done.

  • orthorim

    Meh – tough talk makes me think they’re wetting their panties just about now.

    Truth never lies, indeed, Mr. Samsung, and the truth is Samsung blatantly copied some stuff. With all the evidence presented in the trial, it would be absurd if Apple did not win substantial damages. Ie, if Samsung got away with that, patents and trademarks would basically become meaningless in the USA. And that’s not gonna happen.

    IMO Samsung should just pay up for their past sins, and continue to sell shitloads of phones. After all, there is no way that the majority or even a significant part of Samsung mobile’s current earnings come from the iPhone clones. Their latest flagships models are different enough, and they low end stuff is different too.

    • storm14k

      As usual the history gets revised with time. Basically none of the jurors felt that Samsung copied. It was the foreman and one other that convinced them to think otherwise. The foreman used some very questionable logic to do so that he put on display via Reddit and other outlets. And finally it turns out that he had a reason to go after Samsung. So its pretty obvious that the evidence in the trial didn’t really prove anything to anybody. In fact its the evidence that didn’t make it into the trial that tells the real story.

      And lets be real. We’re talking about U.S. courts here where its not uncommon to see someone released after being wrongly imprisoned with the presentation of new evidence. By logic Samsung has a good shot at overturning this but of course precedent will trump logic.

  • Fuck patents.

  • albertkinng

    I’m a fan of Apple but I need to say this: Apple opened an IPandora Box and it will get worst.

  • “The truth never lies. Without Samsung-owned wireless patents, it’s impossible for the Cupertino-based Apple to produce its handsets,” said Samsung’s mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun.

    What an A-Hole. You could say that about Anything… Without these patents Ford would still be making the Model T car!

  • robogobo

    Ahh, good old fashioned pride. Last resort before the fall.

  • commie pinkofag

    “The truth never lies” is right up there with “save our children” and “they hate us for our freedom.”

    Are we yet clever enough to make bullshit shock collars for CEOs and politicians?

  • Max Sync

    “…Cupertino-based Apple…” Is that to differentiate it from the Detroit-based Apple?

  • If it is “impossible for…Apple” then there are only two possible reasons. One, they are FRAND patents which is why Samsung and Googrola are being investigate for antitrust both in the US and Europe over abuse of the patent process. Or second, they are essential which means Samsung purposely did not declare them, which means they could lose any right to exercise the patents. The standards process exist to keep exactly this kind of thing from working.

  • Steve Constance

    Remember Samsung started the war by blocking the first iPhone in Korea so they can catch up. Then when it got approved Samsung punished the carrier that carried the iPhone. Released in Korea Nov. 2009 one of the last countries to approve the iPhone -2008 – Botswana Cameroon Central African Republic Dominican Republic† Guinea Ivory Coast Jamaica Jordan Kenya Madagascar Mali Malta Mauritius Moldova Nicaragua† Niger Panama Réunion Taiwan† Qatar Senegal United States Virgin Islands Venezuela Argentina† Chile† Colombia† Czech Republic†‡ Ecuador† El Salvador† Estonia Greece†‡ Guatemala† Honduras Hungary India† Liechtenstein† Macau Paraguay Peru† Philippines Poland† Romania Singapore Slovakia† Uruguay† Brazil†‡ Latvia Lithuania South Africa Turkey† Australia† Austria† Belgium‡ Canada† Denmark Finland Hong Kong†‡ Italy†‡ Japan Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway†‡ Portugal† Spain Sweden Switzerland† -2007 – United States United Kingdom† Germany France Wikipedia