13-year-old Israeli creates iPhone app to warn of missile attacks

The Times of Israel:

The application, which is not an official warning system, is the brainchild of 13-year-old Beersheba resident Liron Bar. Bar provides constant reports on missile attack warnings, known as Color Red alerts, and rocket strikes in the south on his Facebook page as well.

Kudos to this kid, but I do wish we lived in a world where it wasn’t necessary.

  • Yet Apple doesn’t allow us to have an app showing US drone strikes.

    • fault tolerant

      because US government doesn’t want it be known. just like US media doesn’t report on drone strikes either. Or is that Apple fault also.

  • burden of history

    ” I do wish we lived in a world where it wasn’t necessary.”

    Then White Man wouldn’t own the world and tell everyone what to do. West would still be poor. This what happens when history is taught by winners were their evils are not told to their children and Mr. Jim make silly platitudes.

    • Boo

      Evil comes in all skin colors and human beings have been horrible to each other since the year dot. Your simplistic and outright racist assertions solve nothing.

    • Rain

      I don’t think Jim killed any Native Americans, and thusly removes any hypocrisy in wishing there didn’t need to be war anywhere in the world. To think that some of us whities aren’t ashamed of what our ancestors have done is an ignorant position.

  • pawhite524

    Amen to Jim’s wish.

    IMHO, Greed is the cause of most wrongs in the world in the present, the past, and will continue to be into the future.

    The Navajo tradition teaches this explicitly. I have spent 40+ years doing my best to absorb various cultures and religions and then pass on this knowledge and wisdom. This has helped me to live the Golden Rule better.

    I wish you all success on your journeys.

  • Land-grabs justified by ancient fairy tales are a great source for modern-day revenge-seeking.

    A whole new generation of Jewish, Muslim, Israeli, and Palestinian children are at this moment learning nothing other than ways to live their entire lives fighting someone else’s battles.

    Yes, by all means, let’s keep “hoping” for peace while allowing profit-takers on both sides to perpetuate endless war.

  • Slurpy2k12

    Unfortunately, Palestinians don’t have the luxury of such apps or bunkers to get them to safety and prevent them from being slaughtered from the sky. Looking past the Israeli propaganda, the fact is that rockets from Gaza have killed exactly ZERO Israelis during the entire year leading up to Israel’s attack. ZERO. How many Palestinians, including women and children, have been killed and maimed in the name of ‘self-defense’? How much of their infrastructure has been wiped out? How many millions of Palestinians have suffered under the brutal, oppressive, and criminal blockage and occupation of the last few decades that has made it impossible to import basic supplies and make any economic progress? The ‘self-defense’ narrative is disgusting, as are the people that propagate it. Only Israel can convince the world that it is under an existential threat, making allusions to the holocaust, from something that can’t even manage to kill a single Israeli in a year, while they have carte blanche for assassinations and airstrikes.

    • Funny. Reporting something interesting, topically relevant and factual is “propagt[ing] a false and misleading narrative.”

      You might need to check up on your definition of false. Just saying.

      • Slurpy2k12

        Whether you realize it or not, it IS part of propaganda, insinuating rocket attacks are such an existential danger to Israelis that they need to create such apps to stay alive/safe, when at the end of the day more Israelis probably died from getting hit by lightning last year. Jim’s comment also adds to this narrative of the victimized Israelis who live in a world where this is ‘necessary’, when in reality Israel is the victimizer and who is responsible for the mass suffering of millions of people. Their Gaza attack in 2009 killed 1,400+ palestinians (including hundreds of women/children), when not a SINGLE Israeli was killed during the ENTIRE YEAR before that from rockets. Same thing this time, 170 dead, when not a SINGLE Israeli killed the entire year before they initiated the attack. So yes, facts matter, and it’s a false narrative of victim/victimizer with such outrageous numbers. This doesn’t even take into account the demolition of Palestinian homes and annexation of land which happens daily but gets absolutely no media coverage.