Xbox TV

Microsoft is building an Xbox set-top box. Multiple sources familiar with Redmond’s plans have confirmed to The Verge that the company plans to introduce a low-cost alternative to its Xbox console, designed to provide access to core entertainment services. The move will allow Microsoft to further increase its presence in the living room, providing consumers with a choice between a set-top box or a full next-generation Xbox console.

Xbox is a strong brand for Microsoft. This is an interesting plan.

  • EVula

    Interesting to see that they’re branding this with Xbox, and not Windows. Maybe they’re finally understanding that Balmer is the only one that wants Windows everywhere…

  • I think they have the strongest vertical of anyone right now. They just haven’t executed on it properly.

    • Player_16

      As if that’s the only thing they haven’t executed properly.

  • blah

    Microsoft had UltimateTV in 2000 then WebTV, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Microsoft TV Foundation Edition, Microsoft TV IPTV Edition, Microsoft Mediaroom.

    So renaming to XBox TV is not going to change a thing.

    • Tvaddic

      The TV/Entertainment portion of Xbox is doing well, so they have a chance.

    • Good point on past failures. I do think they have a shot here though with the cross integration between Xbox, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

  • Tvaddic

    I wonder if they plan on making money from the hardware, or an Xbox live gold type of subscription. If you have to have a subscription, they shouldn’t waste their time.

  • This was rumored a few months ago. Looks like more fuel for the fire. From what I’ve read it’ll be atoundm$100 as an Apple TV competitor but with games. Maybe that’ll force Apple to finally open up the Apple TV App Store.

  • Can’t see it working, a bit like the milkman selling bread

  • And you know what? They will have nailed the TV where Apple TV could have dominated. If they support a game controller, it’s casual games galore. I tried Windows 8 yesterday and it works great with television, better than the PC desktop. The tile UI seems extremely suitable for a large screen.

    • Moeskido

      Kind of hard to “dominate” a market where the current players refuse to give up their contractual restrictions on the content. Unless you’re thinking of buying a cable network or two.