Siri controls Philips Hue lights

I’m not a developer, so I don’t know what’s involved in making this work, but the developer, Brandon Evans, has put the code and instructions on Github. Good video though.

  • Clever. It runs as a proxy on the local wifi network. Assuming it passes through the standard Siri commands to Apple, this means it can intercept new commands and respond to them. Normally this would have limited functionality (being limited to the local network), but for things like home automation, it’s perfect. Great work!

  • nothing new

    You run a SiriProxy instance on your network which tells Siri what phrases you will be able to handle, when Siri hears those questions. It sends a callback to your server. You server looks up the answer like turn on your car, etc. and tells Siri a phrase to answer like “Thermostat is set at 70 degrees”.

    SIriProxy is a year old. Nothing new has occured since the initial hoopla. In fact Apple hasn’t even terminated their access.