“Pile of shit”

These internal Microsoft videos, provided to Wired by a person who worked on the project, show focus groups testing the ill-fated Kin. According to our source, these are pre-production models that changed very little from the shipping product, although “performance improved some prior to shipping.” Watch them, and you can readily see why the project tanked: Kin phones just weren’t usable. Or, as our source described them, they were a “pile of shit.”

Why should we believe that the latest round of Microsoft products are any better?

  • http://darcyfitzpatrick.tumblr.com/ Darcy Fitzpatrick

    Why should we “believe” anything about anyone’s products?

    The proof of the pudding is in the tasting.

  • http://twitter.com/Moeskido Moeskido

    I wonder how much of this product’s poor performance was related to the fact that executives with approval power over it got huge bonuses whether it sold or not.

  • MrPhotoEd

    Uuuuuuhhhhh, Because Microsoft says so?

    Just kidding

  • http://twitter.com/Davidmuful David Bailey

    “Why should we believe that the latest round of Microsoft products are any better?”

    I get what you’re saying, but by the same token, why should anyone buy a Mac – because they sucked in the nineties? Why should anyone ever use an online Apple service, because past iterations have sucked balls?

    Try a product, if you like it, use it. Certainly don’t trust Jim Dalrymple who hasn’t spent any time with them whatsoever.

    Also important to note; there are many perfectly valid criticisms of Windows Phone, but performance is not one of them. They are screaming fast, even on old hardware. Not much gets made of the horrible performance of older iPhones when Apple update them.

    • http://darcyfitzpatrick.tumblr.com/ Darcy Fitzpatrick

      If by “not much” you mean “nothing” then I’d have to agree with you. I know people who’s 3G turned into a sludge monster after installing iOS 4. Same goes for 3GS owners after installing iOS 5. My iPhone 4 is in better shape, comparably, after installing iOS 6, but it’s definitely taken a performance hit.

      No one talks a out this. And worse, many deny it.

      It’s bullshit.

  • pawhite524

    “Why should we believe that the latest round of Microsoft products are any better?” per Jim.

    1. Hope springs eternal…
    2. Per Yogi Berra, “The future ain’t what it used to be!”

    Oh the heck with, just look at the Surface. Pretty good but not great. I’m waiting for the comparisons of the Surface with the also rans- the Samesung 10.1 and the Motorola what’s it called.