Nokia’s Here Maps in the App Store

Nokia said they would offer their mapping solution for iOS users and here it is.

  • Hildo

    Played with it and it’s a little underwhelming, at least for Manhattan.

    • Returns less accurate search results than Apple maps when looking for stores/bakeries (Apple maps returns too few but accurate results, Nokia Here too many and inaccurate).

    • Building outlines disappear north of 60th Street on the east side

    • Auto-correct in the search box is very annoying

    • Default zoom level is off

  • Pal

    And it’s not Retina ready

  • Gnookia

    And where is Google’s Maps app? I guess they’re too busy spreading FUD about how Apple won’t allow 3rd-party maps on iOS instead of actually getting it released :-/

    Kinda like when Google fanboys were insisting that Chrome wasn’t on iOS because Apple wouldn’t approve it. Ironically this was before it was even available for Android.

    • Tvaddic

      The reviews say Here is terrible, so good on Google for making sure their maps are good. And while one lower level member of Google says something, it doesn’t reflect the whole company.

  • Techpm

    Tried the app but the maps are terrible. Slow, missing streets (which show up on Apple’s maps), no turn by turn here in the UK and worse of all a satellite view resolution that may have been acceptable in the 90s, but a joke compared to what we have today. (Reminds me of the sponge effect in Photoshop)

    Not sure why they bothered to be honest.

  • Nokia’s effort is pretty crappy here in Bangkok. Apple’s maps in Thailand are surprisingly excellent – I used the iOS Maps app on a road trip up to the wilds of the north-east (about 700 km each way) and was amazed at how good the maps and turn-by-turn information was. And according to Nokia, the only two points of interest on my street are the two lesbian bars – I live in an ‘entertainment’ district, and there’s a LOT more to do round here than just that!

  • Nokia is using data from its subsidiary Navteq.

    Apple is taking most of its Western world data from Tomtom who get its data from its subsidiary TeleAtlas.

    So Nokia data might complement Apple data. (With Navteq and TeleAtlas, Google is the third big map data first hand collector)

  • lucascott

    So I live in Los Angeles and as a test search I looked up the Apple Store Sherman Oaks which is the one by my office.

    It showed me one of the ones in Glendale.

    I got the exact address and it found the right one. But transit directions take you all the way to the far side of Sherman oaks to a different mall which has never had an Apple Store.

    Ironic part is apparently mixing up those malls is a common thing for folks looking for that Apple Store

  • Not that good really… It’s like they released this to make Apple maps look good! 🙂

    (by the way Apple maps works fine for me, it’s map data is pretty accurate)