Apple’s new iPhone 5 TV ads



  • Rich@Digital Possibilities

    I like those. Very explicitly solving real world problems in an easy way. That’s what you want Apple to do.

    • DT

      Isn’t that the truth? I saw people squawking [in reference to these new ads] about “Apple hyping something inconsequential like the microphone” … but it’s a PHONE, it needs to be able to make good quality calls. It’s one of those improvements that isn’t typically discussed on technical forums where it’s only benchmarks and GHz, but it improves a real world issue with mobile phones.

  • Great job! I love them both.

  • DanPierce


  • chjode

    But my Samsung Mesmerize Plus Pro G2 V 3D LTE 4G does all that and it’s brown! BROWN!

  • Moeskido

    Short, functional, and sweet. That’s the combination.

  • Alex Walker

    I’m seeing an outbreak of obnoxious knuckleheads now feeling empowered to use their phones at the symphony. “Hey, I saw it on TV!, Doze orchestra guys don’ mind, ok?!”

  • “When the world gets noisy, calls sound better.” Am the only one who thinks this is terrible copywriting? It’s factually wrong.

  • wb

    What a joy!