Apple’s Black Friday event

They don’t say if there will be special prices for any products, but they are planning something.

  • The “small print” does include things like “Shopping event prices are solely available on November 23, 2012” and “Promotional pricing cannot be combined with any other offers” so I’d say that there will be special prices.

  • VGISoftware

    Clever not to announce prices ahead of time, so as to deftly draw the curious into waiting lines and across their thresholds!

    • TheFearOfCorduroy

      Yes, it’s exactly what every shop has been doing since time immemorial with one-day sales. Clever.

  • Willing to bet that it’s just extending educational discount pricing to everyone, and similar discounts for iPhone and iPad

  • deviladv

    I just hope the new iMacs can be bought online by then.

  • Every Black Friday deal comes with a handwritten thank you note from Scott Forstall. He’s got a lot of time these days.

  • Brian Cerveny

    Pretty much every year recently it’s been $100 off MacBooks and 10% off iPods and iPads, and a handful of accessory discounts.

  • Tvaddic

    These Apple sales aren’t the greatest thing. If you are like for a good deal go to retail.

  • I think most people would be happy to simply be able to actually buy Apple’s latest products, regardless of price. iPad Minis, iPhone 5, iMac… most likely none of them will actually be available to walk out of the store with. Then again, maybe they planned for exactly that and the recent supply constraints were planned.