Pissed with iCloud

iOS developer Justin Williams is not happy with iCloud and the services Apple offers that rely on it. While I’ve heard other people pick iCloud apart, I haven’t had any problems. iTunes Match is fantastic, downloading apps works great and syncing is very fast.

  • it has been several times that iCloud sync deleted hours of work while syncing. There are problems with iCloud for users and even more for devs.

  • “Aside from skipping the month of December, Android 4.2 is a fantastic mobile operating system. When you attach that to a piece of hardware designed internally by Google to be the best of breed Android device, it’s becoming harder to give Apple a pass when it comes to keeping my data in their giant data warehouses.”

    Agreed. I stopped giving them a pass after the 4 launched, which is when I tucked my iPhone in a drawer. The hysteria around what Apple does great surpasses their failures but the gaps are closing where iOS excels over Android (used to be an apps argument, then an experience one, etc) so Apple has to step their game up on these failures.

    Disclaimer: I’m not saying Android is perfect by any measure. I’m merely agreeing with Justin’s perspective as it was my reason for leaving the iPhone.

    • Techpm

      Erm, Android 4.2 is broken in several ways and the December issue is the least of its problems.

      How about breaking Bluetooth, causing more reboots, wrong fonts showing up, broken auto brightness… Google own Voice service didn’t even work properly until a 4.2 update came out! That’s just reveals poor QA right there.

      Plus it’s not like Google’s cloud doesn’t have it’s stormy moments too.

      Note I’m not saying iCloud is perfect. I’m merely disagreeing that Android 4.2 is a fantastic operating system.

      • Voice was updated within days, which is a separate app (not core to the OS). I’ve had 0 reboot, font, or brightness issues on either of my devices.

        Note I stated Android is not perfect. I wouldn’t say any OS is perfect and they all have issues but I definitely agree it is fantastic (user profiles, quick access to settings, speed/UI improvements, lock screen widgets, remote display support [not just clone but a 2nd screen], etc, etc, etc). Ton of great stuff in there.

      • Oh and I missed your comment on Google’s stormy days.

        Note those days happens months apart. The past few months have consistently had iCloud issues for at least some users.

        • Techpm

          No they don’t happen “months apart”. That’s simply your badly made up guess, for facts check Google’s own service status page:


          Last 5 service disruptions:

          All services:10/31/12 Gmail: 10/18/12 Google Drive: 10/5/12 Google Drive: 9/28/12 Gmail: 9/25/12

          • The dashboard doesn’t span the entire year but you’re taking dates without context.

            10/31 for 6 minutes Gmail: 10/18 affected 0.002% GDrive: 10/5 0.09% GDrive: 9/28 “This does not affect consumer users.” Gmail: 9/25 affected 0.35%

            Context is king, in this case. 😉

            I’m refuting your point but understand I’m not foolish in thinking ANY online service will have 100% uptime but you cannot honestly state Google services are anywhere near as up/down as iCloud. Major Google disruptions are not often and rarely long in time.

    • JDSoCal

      Oh please, do you know how few people have 4.2 on their phones? Most Android people are 3 or 4 OS versions behind. Over 50% of Android people are using 2.X.


      Meanwhile, the majority of iOS users are on 6, including my 2-year-old iPhone 4.

      • What does having 4.2 on your phone have to do with anything? Does that negate 4.2 being a fantastic OS?

        iOS definitely has the best update cycle of any platform, at the moment. I’ve called Google out on the poor implementation on this point many times.

  • I agree that iTunes Match is a bag of hurt. Maybe that’s only in Europe, but it often does not work as expected. And it does not like me having both a German and a US account either

  • rappr

    I haven’t really had any issues with iCloud. iMessage hasn’t missed a message once for me yet. I wonder why some people have so many problems with iCloud, while others, like myself, seem to be fine with it.

  • Williams highlights 3 major points. The first, iTunes Match, I have and love. It works perfectly on my AppleTV, iPhone 5 (on Wi-Fi or 4G LTE), and my iPad. The only time it hasn’t worked is when I didn’t have a network connection.

    The second, 3rd Party Sync, seems like the only legitimate gripe and one I can’t really speak to. I have had no problems syncing with Apple apps using iCloud (iWork Documents, apps, books, etc.).

    The third, App Store responsiveness, also a mystifying complaint. Whenever I find a app I wish to download, I tap buy and it’s downloading and installed as promptly as can be reasonably expected.

    Maybe J-WIll should check his Internet settings and chill out a little. I can almost guarantee he’ll be bitching about Android in a month or two.

  • Jeff

    I’m with you, but, then again, I’m no developer. Between iTunes Match and data sync, I’ve had zero issues.

  • GCP

    As you wrote that, iTunes Match was down for many users, myself included.

    • rj

      And iMessage was down yesterday.

  • As Apple pushes and steers users to adopt iCloud, I’ve noticed that it’s not just a misstep in so many ways, but also a philosophical one. Let’s say you get into the habit of saving all your stuff on iCloud and that becomes your habit. Let’s say, for instance, documents you’ve created in TextEdit. What happens if you want to use another text editor to open those files? You can’t. If you save it to your hard drive, any app can open it. If you save it to iCloud, you have to re-open it with the TextEdit app. You put your stuff in Apple’s hands and trust them completely with it, they’re going to use that trust to shape your experience in a way which suits them best.

    • “You put your stuff in Apple’s hands and trust them completely with it…”

      Which is exactly what I avoid doing whenever possible. Apple is not perfect – they screw up just as much as anyone else. I don’t want to be the victim (again) of one of their screw ups.

  • Dustin Wilson

    iCloud simply doesn’t work in the real world. Take Web development for instance. If I create an html document in one app and save it to iCloud I cannot open it in another . At that point the entire service is completely useless. I have 4 devices which hook to iCloud to do backups, and measly 5GB given is filled up quickly. If I turn on Photostream on just one device it eats up the entire service because Apple didn’t seem to think these huge 8MP images we take with our phones wouldn’t take up a huge amount of space. So, I’m faced with the choice to pay money for not much more storage that will not solve the problem any and for something I get very little value out of or continue to pay for my 100GB+ of storage from Dropbox which I can use for work and play anywhere and everywhere… and put anything I want in it. The choice is simple.

    I listen to lossless music generally because I didn’t destroy my ears when I was younger, so iTunes Match is relatively useless to me. On top of that a large amount of my music library isn’t even on iTunes. I can see where people might find it useful. I have family members who have used it, and all have canceled the service because they’ve wound up in a situation where they couldn’t download a track to listen to when they wanted to. That’s the problem with a service like that. It needs to be up at nearly all times for it to have any value whatsoever.

  • iMessage is pretty flawless for me. I don’t have issues with it. iCloud document saves have been no problem for me either.

  • CJ

    Why can’t I buy more storage for my iCloud service? I am a power user with 4 devices, 50gb is not near enough…I had double that with MobileMe! Ugh

  • Ask the poor guys at Bare Bones (whose ad for BBEdit 10 is currently gracing The Loop just to the right of this text edit field) how well iCloud syncing works. They promised Yojimbo would be syncing through iCloud by the time MobileMe was shut off in June and they’re still struggling to get it working. Core Data syncing over iCloud is one aspect where Apple has failed miserably. And in this case it is causing Bare Bones numerous customers and some credibility.

  • David Reiter

    I have to agree with Jim. So far, iCloud works really well with my two Macs (Mac mini and 13″ MacBook Pro), my iPhone and iPad. iTunes Match works seemlessly.