MG Siegler on the Microsoft Surface

In hindsight, I now see why Microsoft did not want me to review the Surface. That was probably the right call from a PR perspective. It’s simply not a good product.

After using it for over a week now, it’s hard to come up with a lot of nice things to say about the Surface. Don’t get me wrong, there are some solid things here. But by and large, it’s a strange, buggy, and clunky product that I simply can’t imagine many people buying after the initial hype wears off.

That’s near the beginning of the review. It gets worse.

  • tylernol


  • “It gets worse”

    So does Microsoft Surface.

    Ba dum tish.

  • “I now see why Microsoft did not want me to review the Surface. That was probably the right call from a PR perspective.”

    Careful Jim. The implication there is those who do get review units are expected to review them positively.

    • lucascott

      Of course they are. or at least some what positively. Only a moron would give a review copy to someone they are sure will pan the dang thing. And given that Siegler is the iPad Fanboy’s fanboy, it is unlikely he’d have great things to say about the Surface. And he didn’t.

      Having messed with one at a Microsoft store I have to agree with his assessment. This particular model is no threat to the iPad, Kindle Fire etc. Maybe the Pro will be, maybe v2 or v3 will be, but not this one

  • I saved myself the $500 simply be reading the product description and listening to Monkey Boy talk about it. Even MS doesn’t know what the fuck this thing is supposed to be.

    They can’t even make up their mind about how many OS’s to sell, and where they should run. That alone told me it would fail.

    • kibbles

      isnt OS in plural spelled “OSes”….its not possessive, thus no need for an apostrophe.

    • Player_16

      Operating Systems (OS) = OS’s Operating Systemes (OSes) = WRONG! kibbles = kibbles’ kibbleses = WRONG!

    • lucascott

      the moment they focused so much on the kickstand and the keyboard in the keynote and the ads I knew I was unlikely to be impressed. I gave it a shot anyway and took a look at the local store. And then went across the way to see if Apple had any iPad Minis in stock

  • BC2009

    Everything I have heard about the Surface is that it is proof that a real iPad challenger is still coming. The only tablets that sell in addition to iPads are the ones that are sold at cost and so cheaply that people are not phased if they end up not using them anyway.

    It still seems that iPad is the only game in town (or in the world as it were).

  • The final photo in the review is priceless.