10 Mac apps for $49.99

Here’s a new Mac app bundle that went on sale today — $549 worth of software for $49.99. If you use this link, I’ll get a little kickback from the people, which will help The Loop. Thanks people.

  • samdchuck

    Would probably better if that link went to something else than a blank page. Anyway, poor combination of overpriced apps for a bundle.

    • Oh, the poor combination of apps on the blank page? Interesting.

      As well, could you do me the favour of explaining to me what my threshold of price to perceived value might be? I’ve been waiting patiently for someone to come along and analyse my work habits and use case scenarios and decide for me what I would consider a bargain. I’m just too busy to figure it out myself.


      • samdchuck

        Well it’s easy to read the URL and sea the name of the bundle that has been spammed throughout my RSS reader today.

        As for explaining and analysing your work habits; not interested. Maybe you can buy an overpriced app for that though.

        • Well it’s easy to read the URL

          Then shut up.

          As for explaining and analysing your work habits; not interested.

          So you were just talking out of your ass when you attempted to give us your incisive analysis of the apps in the bundle?

          Next time just forgo commenting.

          • samdchuck

            Why should I shut up? It has been fixed since I mentioned it, might be because of my reply. Even though it’s easy to step over a dead cat on your porch doesn’t mean it should be their or that you can’t mention it. Imagine every link on this website was broken, but you only had to remove the “/remove_this_text/” from the URL, I guess you’d be fine with that and attack anyone who brought it up. I don’t because broken links are annoying, even if you can figure out what it should be.

            The bundle has no useful apps for me, these bundles usually have a bunch of filler apps, overpriced and unwanted, but this one doesn’t have a single appealing one for me. That’s for me, why and how I should analyse your usefulness of these apps is beyond me. You want to write an interesting comment on which apps you have always wanted and now can finally afford then go ahead. I have no use for these and why you care so much about my opinion is mind boggling.

            Next time just forgo commenting.

          • Why should I shut up?

            Because you annoy me.

  • I can find two or three useful utilities in the batch (one of which I’ve already owned for years), which is usually my minimum for a bundle purchase of this kind.

  • Purchased.