Apple Specialist Sam Sung

The Loop reader Shaun O’Toole sent me this business card today. Sam Sung was helping his wife’s aunt.

  • Utterly hilarious.

    • Emil

      Insanely hilarious!

  • David

    Shaun O’Toole is an amusing name too. I wonder if he is Brazilian? 🙂

  • To be fair, it’s Vancouver – the place is filthy with “Sam Sungs”. 🙂

    • FastG

      Vancouver is “filthy” with Sam Sungs? Wow!

      • Yeah. Filthy as in “shitloads”. Not as in filth on the sewer. Don’t take things too literally. FFS.

    • Mr. Bee

      What a disgusting remark. As a Vancouverite I’m shocked as I think of this as one of the few places where racism is “over” already and then you say that.

      • LMAO You think “racism is over” in Vancouver? So you’re saying that A) You’re white and B) You never leave the house…

        Only white people think racism is over anywhere because it doesn’t affect them. Ask your (I’m sure, many) minority friends if “racism is over” but be prepared for the look they give you.

        BTW, what I said was only “racist” to a humorless prig. Congratulations. Here’s your sign.

        • Commenter

          Watch out, Mr. King is the king of the trolls.

          • LOL Maybe but at least I have the balls to put my name on my posts when I slam someone.

          • ConceptVBS

            You don’t have balls. You are just plain stupid.

          • “You are just plain stupid.”

            Seriously? That’s the best you got? OK…I’ll play…

            “I know you are but what am I?”

            There – feel better being a ten year old again? Come on back when you’re mature enough to can sit at the adult table. Otherwise, go to your room.

          • ShawnKingsMom

            STFU you bitch. Filling up half the page with your boring comments. Illiterate moron.

          • Hi mom!

          • +1!! Much respect to folks with real names and/or pseudonym w/ links to who they are.

          • I have no problem with people needing or wanting to be anonymous but when you start taking shots at someone, at least have the guts to stand up to them and use your name. Otherwise, you’re just a coward.

          • It doesn’t take balls to have your name publicly on posts the content of which may be contorted and the readers of which are anonymous. It takes stupidity.

        • FastG

          I don’t think your “joke” was racist. But it certainly smacked of simple, pedestrian, tiresome humor based on stereotyping. A yawner that doesn’t bother me. But this does strike me as ironic – if Mr. Bee is unqualified to make observations about racism, aren’t you similar disqualified?

          • Depends – on what basis do you believe someone is (or isn’t) “qualified” to make observations about racism?

          • FastG

            Fair question – I am looking at your observation that Mr. Bee may think racism is over using his white man’s eyes. But aren’t a white man yourself? That’s the irony I am noting.

            I actually do not believe racism is a majority v. minority phenomenon. It is easier for racism to be systemic in an environment where a certain race is the minority. But, in Vancouver, caucasians are barely the majority now, and is expected to drop below 50% of the population within the next 10 years. So, does racism have a majority v. minority context anymore in Vancouver?

          • “But aren’t a white man yourself?”

            Nope. See what happens when you assume? All kinds of mistaken thoughts creep into the discussion.

      • Oh, cry me a river. He’s just trying to say that there’s a ton of people with that name. You utter hypersensitivity is stupid.

        • Ssshhh!! Don’t tell him! You’ll ruin it for me. 🙂

          • EG

            Every time somebody argues on this thread, a Sam Sung loses his wings.

      • LOL don’t you think you exagerate a lot? You really feel hurt?

  • SoulJoerg

    Great! And albeit, he got a job there. That shows again, Apple has humor.

  • imthedude

    Your move, Samsung.

  • Too funny.

  • Buckeyestar

    Does he have a coworker named Mike Rosoft?

    • Peter Cohen

      No, but he does have a co-worker named Ann Droid.

    • DanielBulygin

      What about Elle G?

  • AppStore

    Is it real? I can’t believe it!!!

    • No reason to believe it’s not real. Vancouver has a very large Asian population. Lots of Sungs and some of them are surely named Sam. 🙂

      • Elry

        Racism will always be with us – for the most part it is human nature to point out someone’s flaws and make fun of them – no matter what color or religion they are. On a side note Shawn – Vancouver will have to be renamed to Hongcouver…;-)

        • Vancouver has been called that for more than twenty years.

        • Racism will only be with us for as long as people keep bringing it up. When I speak about people I always try to use facts and observations that are free from ethnic backgrounds unless their ethnic background is the fact Iam trying to convey. For example “Sam Sung is asian.” That is not a racist comment just a fact. The US elections just ended and I am getting tired of everyone claiming everyone else is throwing racial slurs using code words.

          • “For example “Sam Sung is asian.” That is not a racist comment just a fact.”

            LMAO That may be the funniest thing written on this thread.

            It is most certainly NOT a “fact”. Without a picture of good old Sammy attached to this story or confirmation from someone else involved in it, you are simply assuming Sam’s ethnicity based his Asian surname. For all you know, Samy may be a white kid adopted by Asian parents.

            “I always try to use facts and observations that are free from ethnic backgrounds”

            Then, just like the guy in this thread who incorrectly assumed I was “white like him”, you might want to stop making assumption based on little evidence. I’m just sayin.

  • Peter Cohen

    All I can hear is Neil Diamond’s “Song Sung Blue” whenever I look at this, with some of the lyrics changed.

  • Shaun O’Toole is a legend

  • Ali

    so it means sam sung works for apple?


    Well played, Mr. Sung. Well played.

  • Looking forward to Apple capitalising on the marketing opportunity this presents.

    “Sam Sung recommends you buy an iPhone.”

    • Daniel

      This would really be great advertisement, and it would be true, somehow.

  • Mr. Sam Sung is a real specialist 😉 Is it a fake or not?

  • marycharleson

    I’m a marketing strategist in Vancouver. This is an intriguing story that has obviously gone viral very quickly. I was at the Apple Store in Pacific Centre today and confirmed that indeed there is a Sam Sung who works there. However I have a different take on the marketing angle behind this. Check out my blog post at:

    I welcome your feedback!

  • Ervinc

    Ha ha hidden in the open, the best espionage technique…. I can predict suing and f-ing all over the courts

  • Marcian

    A. Paul the director of the affiliate No KIA