The new Twitter

Matt Buchanan:

The message from Twitter over the last year has been consistent about one thing: Change is coming. It’s building a new Twitter. We sort of joked it would look like this — essentially, more like Facebook — but the new features Twitter rolled out last night show just how true that will be.

The other consistent message is that they’ll screw their developers.

  • Which in-turn, screws their users. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I don’t want another Facebook stream. I like Twitter specifically because it DOESN’T have photos and videos littering the stream. I like that I only see those things if I click/tap on them.

  • I can see where twitter is coming from with all this, even if I don’t like it.

    They’re trying to appeal to the masses, for one, as opposed to the twitter “geeks” who like things a very specific way that only appeals to them and their ilk. Facebook have made all kinds of changes to their layout and services over the years, and many a group, event and page has been made by users to express their discontent. And yet Facebook continues to grow and thrive.

    The other thing is that it’s not really in twitter’s best interests to have their service offered by third party clients. They want everyone using their website or their own iOS client, again like Facebook has been successfully doing for years now. Not enough people are using third party clients for them to really care what happens to them anyway.

    It’s a small percentage of twitter users who care in any way deeply about all this rigamarole. I’m not saying folks don’t have a right to be upset, but it might help to look at the bigger picture before getting too bent up about it.

  • The worse it gets, the more inclined I’ll be to check out and encourage some of my friends to do so as well.

  • Ben

    Twitter was supposed to be the short messaging protocol for the net. Monetising that would have been trickier, but more rewarding in the long term (measured in decades). Instead we get a closed-in-effect ad platform.