Moltz: Things I don’t care about

Pretty much anything having to do with Steve Wozniak.

Great list, but I can see lots of additions. Financial analysts for one.

  • Cat photos

  • Steven Fisher
    • Advance plans of Microsoft with respect to Windows.
    • Advance plans of Research In Motion. Any focus.

    (That’s not to say I can’t be amused at them.)

  • The Pope’s opinion on anything.

  • YES!

    Wozniak left Apple 25 years ago and apart from being friends with Steve Jobs, has had nothing to do with NeXT, the iMac, the iPod, iPhone or iPad.

    Why is his opinion on Apple still important enough to be spread around the web everytime he says Apple is now doomed and Microsoft so much more innovative?

    And what about the opinion of Ronald Wayne on Apple?

    John Scully?

    Hell, even Jean Louis Gassée has in my opinion a more important opinion on Apple nowadays, because his arguments are often very plausible.

  • What other people care about