Matias Quiet Pro keyboard review

I’ve spent several weeks with the Matias Quiet Pro keyboard – Matias’ first mechanical keyboard designed specifically to be a quite bit less noisy than their flagship Tactile Pro 3 model. Bottom line is that I love it: I don’t think there’s any substitute for a good mechanical keyboard when it comes to typing fast and accurately.

If you’re interested in my thoughts, please pop on over to Macworld and have a look at the review.

  • I want a Quiet Pro Dvorak with the shape of the MS Natural 4000…easy to find, right? 🙁

    • Peter Cohen

      Wow. Um. Yeah.

      • The Natural 4000 is the best shape of a keyboard ever created, IMNSHO….but the keys are mushy as hell, specially after 4+ years of use…so…one with good mech keys, even if it isn’t dvorak (hell, I touch type on my qwerty kboard mapped to dvorak)…somebody needs to do that 🙁

        • I think the closest you’d find to that would be the Northgate Omnikey Evolution. It’s ergonomic with ALPS clicky switches. But…it’s no longer produced, so you’d have to look for someone selling one.

    • Dave Brandt

      LOL. Once you require both mechanical and ergonomic, you’re getting into exotics. Check out the Maltron, for example. It’s both. A good pic of the owner using one is at:

  • i want the MB110LL/B chiclet keyboard with the same light system as the macbook keyboards. why is that reserved for road warriors? desk jockeys like to play in the dark, too.

    • the moshi luna backlit keyboard don’t cut it, by the way.

      • Peter Cohen

        Why don’t you like the Luna?

  • gjgustav

    Thanks! I was looking at this keyboard. I still have an old Apple Extended Keyboard II keyboard in my basement. I’d use that if I could find an ADB->USB adapter.

  • Looking forward to reading the review. Keyboards are important to me.

  • DT

    Good review, I’m on deck for a new [Mac] keyboard, and I’ve been seriously considering the Matias Pro 3 (loud version), the Das Pro S, but also non-clicky options like the wired Apple aluminum (full sized arrow keys are a must). I’ve got a BT version of the Apple KB, without the keypad and the dinky arrow keys, the feel is OK, not concerned with wireless that much.

    I’m currently using a Logitech K800 that migrated over from a PC, uses the proprietary wireless dongle, it’s got a decent feel, but it’s backlit which I totally dig on. Got a wonky . key that snaps off on occasion, so I’m shopping.

    I’m old school enough to remember (and love) the mechanical switched KBs so I think it’s time, just was worried about being a little too noisy (home office, but still a consideration, plus using it while on a call CLACK CLACK)! To be honest, I would’ve WAY preferred the quiet model in white, looks much better than the fake aluminum plastic…

    Any other good options?

    • I can’t say enough good things about the Matias Quiet Pro. I’m what you might call a mechanical keyboard fetishist. I own boards with all four types of a Cherry MX switches, a cheap Green ALPs board (loud & clicky), an old-school clicky NEC board, and my favorite keyboard of all time, the Apple Extended Keyboard 2. The MQP is now my daily driver at work and I couldn’t be happier. It lives up to the billing of being the quietest mechanical keyboard, and yet still is very tactile, which makes for a fantastic typing feel. It has more of a muted “thock” sound than a piercing “clack” sound. Does it look as nice as Apple’s aluminum board? Perhaps not…but the switches make up the difference. The performance is worth it. It’s already an expensive board and an aluminum case would have been cost-prohibitive.

      If you’re looking for a good backlit mechanical board though, I’d highly recommend the Ducky Shine II. It’s available in all four Cherry MX switches and five LED colors. It’s build quality is high too. I use a tenkeyless version at home. A good place to purchase is here:

      • DT

        Fantastic Aaron! Thanks for all the additional info.

  • I like the keyboard but hate the fact my MacBook Pro can’t identify it. With my old keyboard, the keyboard Function keys functioned as function keys while my MBP keyboard functioned as “special” keys (e.g. screen brightness, volume, etc). WIth the Matias, it’s set to respond per the Keyboard Pref screen…that is, if I want the Matias f-keys to function as standard f-keys, the setting affects the MBP keyboard as well. And when I try to identify the keyboard type, it tells me the keyboard can’t be identified. Emailing Matias has resulting in no reply after a week. Argh.