Hostess shuts down

Very sad that it had to come to this.

  • Not in the article: Strike is over proposed 27%–32% compensation cut with immediate 8% wage cut. This comes after severe compensation cuts from previous bankruptcy less than a decade ago.

    • And now they have received 100% compensation cuts. Which choice were they better off with?

      • JohnDoey

        When a business closes, it is better to get a new job rather than work for free. What are you even thinking?

      • I believe they’re better off sticking up for fair compensation. If they let management cut their wages because of poor management it starts a race to the bottom in wages. Races to the bottom don’t end well. We saw how that worked out for Compaq, Dell, and Gateway.

        • And we see how that worked for the employees of Hostess.

  • adrianoconnor

    Unsustainable business is unsustainable.

  • bogo_lode

    Also not in the article: at issue were pension plans that employees had paid into for years. Hostess wanted to get rid of existing obligations again. The strike isn’t to blame. The blame is on Hostess for being shitty business people and then shifting the blame onto workers who knew that they were gonna get screwed either way.

    • JDSoCal

      Yes, strike is to blame. The company just went under. Better to take a cut than have no job. More union insanity.

      • JohnDoey

        That is absurd. Everybody knows who is flying the plane. You are blaming the baggage handler for a plane crash.

        Hostess makes fake food out of chemicals. They are not babies in a crib.

        Best economy in the world right now is Germany — full of unions. The union rep has a seat on the board in Germany. Best years for the US economy? When union membership was at its highest. Worst years? When union membership is at its lowest. So you are wrong on the facts.

  • Macacanadian

    So, management bonuses should be arriving right about now.

  • JohnDoey

    This will save a lot of lives.

    Fake food is a relic of the 20th century along with nuclear power and everything made by DuPont.

    • fake ass

      without nuclean fussion, sun doesn’t exist so no life is possible in this universe. So stop crying like two year old not knowing basic science. I will grant you fake food than you will have to acknowledge that Fertilizer and Pesticide are what allow for fake foods in the first place. How about grafting of trees otherwise there would be no fruit industry. Do you think that is not fake.

      • Interesting that you chide someone for not knowing basic science. The reaction taking place in the sun is nuclear fusion (not “fussion”). The reaction in nuclear reactors is fission (amazingly also not “fussion”). The latter creates dangerous waste which we currently have no reasonable means of disposing. It can also cause devastating runaway reactions when not contained properly (cf, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima Daiichi.

        I have no idea what you’re trying to say in your last few sentences.

  • Jay Martin

    All the comments from “management” smack of “I’m taking my toys home”. Sounds like poor management is to blame, not the unions. Bankruptcy twice in less than 10 years? Poor management is poor management.

  • Not even bankruptcy can destroy a Twinkie. Someone will buy up the pieces and start making them again. Of course it would be a huge boon to dietary health if they did disappear. This quote from a Hostess product lover in an article at NPR made me bust out laughing: “How do these just disappear from your life? That’s just not right, man. I’m loyal. I love these things, and I’m diabetic.”