Google Now wins ‘Innovation of the Year’ award

Jacob Ward for Popular Science:

Voice interfaces like Siri seem outdated by comparison. With Google Now, you don’t pull the phone out when an idea occurs to you. You pull it out when an idea occurs to it.

  • Luke

    I can agree with that

  • Well deserved!

  • Because G knows where you are- what you’re looking for- who you’ve called, texted, emailed or MMSed- it’s read your email – suggested things you’d like to buy- cross indexed with Facebook and all the relatives and friends and ex-lovers and school chums you’ve contacted; what map bearings you’ve looked at, what holiday presents you’ve considered, what supermarket you order with, what retirement plans you dream of, who you bank with……. Of course it can outthink you – Kasparov learnt the hard way

    • I know, isn’t that awesome? Kind of like what Kontra suggested could be the future for Siri but it is the present for gNow. Love it.