Ballmer is batshit crazy

Ballmer last night during an interview with Reid Hoffman:

Ballmer called the Android ecosystem “wild,” “uncontrolled” and susceptible to malware.

This coming from the man that’s in charge of the most virus- and malware-infected operating system in the world. Perhaps someone should have told Ballmer that the day before his comments, a teenager developed a prototype malware for Windows 8 that will be demonstrated later this month at the Malware Conference.

Drew Olanoff at TechCrunch did a great job of grabbing some other treasures from Ballmer too, like when Ballmer was asked about Windows and he said “Wow, it just works!”

The man is crazy.

  • There’s such a thing as a Malware Conference? Is it hosted on the Death Star?

    • Nah, the Black Hat and Defcon conferences have the Death Star staked out already.

  • He’s not batshit crazy. Android malware is up 580% in the last year. It’s more a case of the infamous pot calling the kettle black. There are over a million pieces of malware for Windows on the desktop.

    What Ballmer ignores is that when you point a finger at someone else you have three of your own fingers pointing back at yourself.

    • Pot/kettle was my tweet exactly. 🙂

    • JarFil

      Right, 580%… like from 5000 To 28000, from which all of 146 were on the actual store, over a YEAR.

      Meanwhile, Windows is getting like 100,000 malware EVERY WEEK, and we still have to get some laughs from the Windows 8 store.

  • “Uncontrolled.”

    This from the guy who helped oversee the creation of the malware industry in the first place.

  • WTF? Doesn’t MS have a board? Are they sleeping? This guy is beginning to look a lot like a RIM CEO.

  • MacsenMcBain

    I’m not up to speed on MS’s history. Was he ever not crazy? Was there some triggering event that sent him off the deep end?

  • lucascott

    Wild and uncontrollable.

    From the man that gave us

    • David Reiter

      I never tire of Steve going full-batshit on stage. Monkey-boy has given the world, many deep belly-laughs.